Thursday, November 30, 2017

Wotan: The Longhaul

The Longhaul

Nomads: Hydra 
PanOceania: MjustM

"This is Nomad High Command! Pileus, do you copy?"

++This is the Pileus. We read you Commander!++

"Pileus, patch me through, to your commanding officer."

++This is Captain Argos!++

++What Can I do for you?++
"Captain, we a planning a massive intrusion into the Baijing Orbital Consulate. While we are deploying boarding parties, our infowar department will launch a cyber attack. But the Consulates firewalls are buffed by aleph webnodes, so that we fear, that a backlash might destroy our protective barriers themselves. Our analytists have come up with a weak point in alephs hardware structure. Hidden close by your last asignment, we have detected as series of AC2-Units, that have straight access to the power supply of the aleph webnodes. If we can sabotage at least one of them, we could provoke a critical system failure, that would open a gate for our infowar devision.
We will transfer the optical assignments right now."

"This is your assigned AC2 Unit. Protect it from harm until our analysts have accessed the intra-structure, so we know how to cause maximum damage."

"This is the hostile AC2-Unit. Destroy that..."

++Wait! What do you mean with "hostile"?++
"We have detected a HDI section, that is enroute to that AC2. We can only phantom, why they are there. Maybe Aleph knows, that it is vulnerable there. Or, they have their own agenda. In any chase, deny them access."
++Oh great... that was the catch...++
"As a bonus for your effords, we have accessed the local weapon lockers, the codes will be transfered to you any second now. It is all your for the taking."
++Well, atleast something!++

"Weapon Locker One"

"Weapon locker two"

"Oh and one last thing, Captain! You can't simply shoot the AC2 to pieces... you... chrrr- have... chrck- t... ... "
++High Command?! I have to what?!++
**Capatin, High Command is offline. It seems that someone is trying to disrupt their signal.**
++Well then, they know we are coming. I wonder what's that last thing they wanted tot tell me...++

Well, kids, High Command wanted to tell you, that you should read your missions before making lists for it. YES, the AC2s can only be destroyed in CC. And Yes, I didn't know that before I packed ALL the misslelauncher and Panzerfausts into my list...

The setup

"Well, what can I tell you? For having such a small landing party, it went pretty awesome in the begining.
We has this crazy Ape-Dude with us, all knives and swords and stuff. And his friends. Puh, I tell you... people say the wierdest stuff about us Wildcats, but that is nothing compared to these loonies..."

"The ApeMan and his red hooded friends were set up pretty on the opposite of the objective... like a gun pointing at your head..."

Me and the Alguaciles where handing in the back, waiting for the bullets to fly...

The only glimpse we could get of our lilaque friends was this shadowy dude on the far end...

...and this nasty, gunslinging witch in the midfield.

They had been waiting for us. And they had set a sweet little trap for us.

While their main crew was lucking somewhaere in the backfield. Cowards...

Mr. Gonzo was the first to open fire. Not out of a necessity, but more out of fun, he blasted at the REMs...

The banging of the gun sounded like start signal. ApeMan and his crew magically turned the whole area into a nightmarish dark place. Only the cold void is darker...

It was then, that I realized, what Argos had send them with us for... they were not ment to come back in one piece. Like a bullet, they sped over the battlefield, impacting on that AC2-Unit.

Their cries of victory...

...turned into cries of pain...

... which were followed by a ghastly silence.

Now it was their turn. With ApeMan hand his gang gone, our midfield was pain open. Don't ask me how that could have happend. Anyhow, a figure appeared, right infront of our AC2 and with a series of blows with his fizzeling sword, he made short work of our AC2 in exchange.

Right in that moment, Balt crept out from his hiding and started to help himself at the weaponlockers.

I signalled him to help me with that sword dude. He just grinned and shot him square in the back. What a wretch. Following my mission, I launched forwards and ripped the cube from the swordsmans neck.

Seconds before I got the signal to pull out, I saw the HDI creeping towards a locker. They probably have a taste for some free guns themselves.

After the mission, dubbed "Sab and Loot" by Joze, Argos was pretty pleased with us. We lost the AC2, but, as Argos explained, that was going to be destroyed anyhow, so no damage there. And, though the HDI got some weapons, we got some too, so we could call that an even aswell.
What he was really happy with, was the cube I presented him with. He said, High Command would surely find a good use for that intel.
After all, dear diary, it has almost been a day like any day. Except for th fact, that I got this new, shiny sword..."
Diary of Luzianna Gromoza
WildCat Unit,

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