Monday, November 13, 2017

Intermission - the Creation of Castor & Pollux

Gibeon. Silas Ark. The city has its way with the night. While the commercial districts a mainly silent and not so bright, the amusement sectors of the city buzz with life. Music flows like water through the streets, mixed with laughter, shouting and the eventual bang of something hitting something else.
The DEC headquarter of the planet lies pretty much on the boarder of the commercial sector and the amusement sector. The large building itself stands dark and quiet, only the entrance to the IAS (immediate action store) is lit. A smoking, slightly hulking figure standing in front of it, busying itself with a ComLog, that casts a green light onto the figures face.
The silence of the groundlevel stands in stark contrast to the sedulously busyness of the sublevels. Maintainace tasks, weapon training, server fostering, vehicle fleet support... and beneath all that, a laboratory.

"Download complete" one of the masked figures announces. "Okay, now we need to be careful. Extracting the neural probes of X-7 now." A second figure, standing infront of a screen, replies. Inside the tank, marked with X-7, tiny cables move like lazy worms, retreating slowly from the head of the body. "And we're clear." The relief in his vice was obvious. "Initiating the Exit sequence on three."  A beeping sound indicated the coundown. Hoses started to release vapour, small lightiodes started flashing and aa gurgling sound filled the chamber, while the green liquid, that had filled the tank, dissapeared in a mesh on the tanks bottom. The body in side the taank, which had be carried by the liquid, touched the ground. Although its floating stance suggested, that there was no body tension, the figure stood straight and upright once the liquid was gone. With a hissing sound and more vapour, the tanks lid opened in to the room and figre walked out.
"Full bio scan!" the new arrival claimed with a strong, deep voice. The hologram in the centre of the room showed a humanoid silouette and a few seconds later, the green light indicated, that everything was in order.
"Very well! Let's get me out of the other tank." The tall figure walked over to the second tankaand rested one palm on the glass.
"Very well, sir. The download is alreaady complete. Extracting the neural probes of X-8 now." On of the masked figures answered. Again the cables fixed to the figures head inside the tank wormed out under the skin. But this time some was different. One of the cables suddenly started to twitch, a siren started blaring and the green light, that seconds before bather the room, switched to a beastly red.
"Get me out there!", the tall, naked figure started pacing like a tiger infront of the tank. The masked figures worked feverishly on the the different screens and soon the liquid inside the tank started to dissapear in the grounds mesh. Even before the tank was completly empty, the naked figure ripped the tanks lid from its angles. Green liquid pour on the floor and the figure inside the tank fell out, like a marionette served from its strings. The falling body was caught by the first, which bellowed "Run a full bio scan!"
A few seconds later, the computer voice announced:"I have deteced a malfunction in the cube linux cortex. A neuroprobe must have come into contact with the down line connection and caused a short time overload in the cubes mainframe. Other than that, the biological functions are all working. After a reset the LHost should work. Only the cube funktions will be insufficent."

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