Tuesday, November 7, 2017

The Makrinos System

Before we start, I want to fill you in about the system our story takes part in.

The Makrinos System
This small start system was found in the human edge, widely considdered as unimportant point on the star map. Next to some unmapped planets of little interest, the system has 3 habitable planets, Dagan, Silas Ark and Ereskigal. Further more the suns gravitaion keeps a rather thick asteriod belt around the system.
Though being rather out of focus, the hyperpowers and their little challengers all have their hands in this system.
Dagan was the second planet to be colonialised. Due to the short distance to the sun, icecaps never appeared, so that almost 85% of the planets surface is covered in water. Geological examinations on Silas Ark give a hint to a cosmological catastrophe, that have on the one hand provided Silas Ark with enormous amounts of minerals and metals and Dagan with all the ingredients you need to get an impossible amount of water.
Silas Ark
The planets name originates from its explorator Akely Silas. The surname "Ark" came later and is actually misleading. What is meant with the Ark is the geostational space station that lies like a ring around the planet. If you are staanding on the planets surface you can't see the ring, you just see half a ring, an ark, spaning from one horizont to the other. This space station was build by the mining factories, that raided the planet of its minerals and metals. In a "gold-rush" all these companies fell upon the planets surface, dug into it like maggots into a ripe apple. The Ark was build to speed up the logisitcal processes. The ores, minerals and metals could be easily loaded up to the vast space ships, that hurried with swollen bellies out of the system.
When all the riches had been harvested, the companies pulled back as quickly leaving as they had come. With all the money and aall the wealth gone, Silas Ark was left to its self. Mining is still an important factor on the planet and has become part of almost any cultural, political and social aspect. But with the Mining Companies loosing their impact on everything, other branches of commercialism took root.
Ereskigal consists of the extreme of light and shadow. Since it is the last in line of the planets, its surface is cast into deep shadows most of the time. There are only short periods of light, when non of the other celestial bodies hide it from the systems sun. Due to this, farming is not a big thing and most of the food has to be imported from the hydro-farms of Dagan. In exchange most of the systems tertiary sector houses on Ereskigal. Banks, Servervaults, Labs and their likes bath the cities in their neon lights and create days without night.

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