Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The Fleets are gathering

Broodbrothers and sisters!


I had my hight doubts if the coming niddy wave would be worth it.
The recent GW productions didn't blast my mind...

But with the emerging pics... man...

I feel my Nornqueens twitching and the spawning vats brooding...

Just when I was about to get a Gang ready for Infinity.

In chase you haven't seen them already Source:

Sunday, December 8, 2013

10.000 Clicks & Sedition Wars Up date 8

Greetings Archivists!


CLICKs and more coming!
Thank you all to bear me so long!
I did not expect for this to be going so well!!!

It is about time, I give you a little update on my latest doings in the Sedition Wars Universe.

Disclaimer ahead: I got a new camera and I am still trying to find out which settings are the best for miniatures.
Some pictures have there fore an odd reddish tone, but I hope they still show you what I have done sofar.

First I would like to show you the reason for the rather "bright" color-pallet I use for my bases.
The Gaming table in my room has the same colors... so... a moody shot of my vanguard:

 Next one of my favourite Wave 2 carackters: Biohazard Vade

I tried to stick with the White for the suite. The shoulder guard is greyish to tie him to the rest of the gang.

The baby drones are just awesome in my book. Simple yet great looking. I added some minor stuff to support the techy design.

I try to give the different bright colors the vanguard sports an certain meaning. I decided that a whitish violet should be the "power source" for defensive stuff

My latest investion was the terrain set. And once it will be available in stores, I will get another one for sure. The stuff is just to awesome.
I started with the strain marker, since my gaming buddy has painted the doors.

Here you can see the mouldlines of death, appearing AFTER the primer... at somepoint you have to decide: remove all mouldllines... or paint the stuff.
I chose the later

As a side note... I resculpted the "mouth" part, since the cast nearly erased the definition the teeth had...

I tried to keep the flesh tone on the markes the same. But every marker type had it's own color. The green I used for these was swallowed by the camera...

Probably my favourite strain maker... just love this "mouth"

My recent starts on the Phase 3 Strain finaly got some paint aswell...

Some one on the Sedition Wars board had painted his Witch that awesome red face. I just had to steal that :D

Hope you like my doings!

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Archive: Golden Demon Up date 4 "Terror from Below"!

Greetings Archivists!

As promised at another spot, I shall resume my review of niddy golden demon entries.

Today I want to retrospect with you my "Terror from Below" Diorama from 2009.

In all honesty,  it was never mentioned to become a Golden Demon entry. Our journey starts was way earlier.
Somewhere in 2007 or 08 Mr Moloch made a discovery: His love for the Bobbit Worm. A crazy creature only mother earth could create. On his diving tours Mr Moloch visited the creature in his natural habitat and with the joy of seeing him face to face, we decided that this little fellow should see the light of day in a miniature version. A niddy one of cause.
The Bobbit in all its glory
I will spare you the creative journey we undertook. It was what tyranids are best of, develop stuff and see what works best :D If you are interested in the failed attempts, check out the pictures in my WS-Gallery, they are pretty self explaining.

Anyway, here the modelling steps:

So much for the easy part.
I told you in my earlier post, that I prepared a bunch of entries for the Golden Demon in Canada (it was their last on btw... if we had known....).
This was a pretty special entry, because, when I flew to Toronto, I had just the stand done. The Soldier and everything was painted, but the worm was still missing. And I had only a couple of days left.

Why you ask.

Well, Moloch, who had commissioned me with the wyrms, had them cast. It was never the plan to make a wyrm for the GD but when we sat down and prepared ourselves for Toronto, it was more than obvious, that a wyrm should appear there as well.

But the guys casting the wyrms were taking their time. Actually they took so much time, that the parcel with the wyrms arrived at Molochs cave, the day before he took off. So, that was all pretty close.

I spend so much time painting in Canada, that I almost didn't get him finished. It was actually the night (a couple of hours is better)  before that Games Day that I got this Dio finished.

Moloch and Mr.Pink were asleep when I finally glued the Wyrm to its place. But I had made one big mistake. The hole in the ground was too big and Mr.Pink had no sand anywhere I could reach. especially not at 5 in the morning. So I snuck out and grabbed some earth from the front yard and used that. Actually it was no earth but that stuff you throw on icy roads, since Mr.Pink had no front yard with decent earth :D

So at half past 5 I settled for a short sleep (we had to get up at 7:30)...

But enough talk. Here some shots. Please forgive me the hue of yellow. When I find the time, I will try and make some new and better shots.
Something I still love to do: Mixing Demonett Claws with Nids... works great on genestealers aswell!

So, that's it. I hope you like the 40k bobbit worm :D

Stay tuned, since this is december and everybody is doing special stuff for december and in tyranuary we hope to have more tyranids we will get more niddy stuff this month :D

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Comission: Demon Orince Broly

 Greetings, Archivists!

This shall be a "shorty".

A good while ago, I have been comissioned with something really strange...
A Dragon Ball Z character... as a Demon Prince.

I honestly have not much love left for Dragon Ball Z (the original Dragon BAll Comics where... entertaining, but after a while it turned into a quite boring neverending battle thingy...)

Nontheless, here are my effords to turn the folling picture into a live model.

The hair is a royal pain in the @§$, but the mixture of Greenstuff and Apoxy sculpt and some curing time before the sculpting gives everything the needed stability to be sculpted in "mid air".

Here is the finished guy: