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Archive: Golden Demon Up date 4 "Terror from Below"!

Greetings Archivists!

As promised at another spot, I shall resume my review of niddy golden demon entries.

Today I want to retrospect with you my "Terror from Below" Diorama from 2009.

In all honesty,  it was never mentioned to become a Golden Demon entry. Our journey starts was way earlier.
Somewhere in 2007 or 08 Mr Moloch made a discovery: His love for the Bobbit Worm. A crazy creature only mother earth could create. On his diving tours Mr Moloch visited the creature in his natural habitat and with the joy of seeing him face to face, we decided that this little fellow should see the light of day in a miniature version. A niddy one of cause.
The Bobbit in all its glory
I will spare you the creative journey we undertook. It was what tyranids are best of, develop stuff and see what works best :D If you are interested in the failed attempts, check out the pictures in my WS-Gallery, they are pretty self explaining.

Anyway, here the modelling steps:

So much for the easy part.
I told you in my earlier post, that I prepared a bunch of entries for the Golden Demon in Canada (it was their last on btw... if we had known....).
This was a pretty special entry, because, when I flew to Toronto, I had just the stand done. The Soldier and everything was painted, but the worm was still missing. And I had only a couple of days left.

Why you ask.

Well, Moloch, who had commissioned me with the wyrms, had them cast. It was never the plan to make a wyrm for the GD but when we sat down and prepared ourselves for Toronto, it was more than obvious, that a wyrm should appear there as well.

But the guys casting the wyrms were taking their time. Actually they took so much time, that the parcel with the wyrms arrived at Molochs cave, the day before he took off. So, that was all pretty close.

I spend so much time painting in Canada, that I almost didn't get him finished. It was actually the night (a couple of hours is better)  before that Games Day that I got this Dio finished.

Moloch and Mr.Pink were asleep when I finally glued the Wyrm to its place. But I had made one big mistake. The hole in the ground was too big and Mr.Pink had no sand anywhere I could reach. especially not at 5 in the morning. So I snuck out and grabbed some earth from the front yard and used that. Actually it was no earth but that stuff you throw on icy roads, since Mr.Pink had no front yard with decent earth :D

So at half past 5 I settled for a short sleep (we had to get up at 7:30)...

But enough talk. Here some shots. Please forgive me the hue of yellow. When I find the time, I will try and make some new and better shots.
Something I still love to do: Mixing Demonett Claws with Nids... works great on genestealers aswell!

So, that's it. I hope you like the 40k bobbit worm :D

Stay tuned, since this is december and everybody is doing special stuff for december and in tyranuary we hope to have more tyranids we will get more niddy stuff this month :D

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