Wednesday, February 21, 2018

EL: Prelude Capture and Protect

Prelude Capture and Protect

++ This is H-Logs Command center Omega-35, hailing the Pileus. Come in, Pileus++

//This is Captain Argos hailing from the Daleko-Class Cargo Vessel "Pileus" . Identification Number 19s83 h1128.//

++Welcome home, Captain! Please head for Docking Station 87 on Platfrom 3++

//Why can't we head straight for the Ark? Our rescources are rather drained. We dearly need to refuel. And we need to unload our cargo holds! On that Astroid Port neither will be possible.//

++Please follow the instructions. We will send you further confidential informations via curier.++

"Captain! Omega-35 has served the conncetion."

"Thanks, I can see that for myself, Polochargos. And I have a bad feeling about this. Set the course for that Port, Lieutenant and let me know as soon as that curier arrives. I will be in my quarters."

++Encryption activated++
Greetings Captain Argos.

I know, you have been on duty for quite a while now,
but I fear, I will not be able to release you and your 
 crew into your well deserved holidays.

I have chosen you for the task, because you have been 
off system for a while now, which means, your team is
 unlikely infiltraded and you have  gathered 
experience with the foe at hand already.

The Annex will show you the only clear shot
 we could extract from a almost complety destroyed cube.

The cube belonged to a dock worker, who got massacred along with 
his whole work gang in Port 45. All the other cubes were lost.

Of cause you can understand that getting the officials into this
would mean, we would face official investigations and we can't
have them sniffing around our facilities.

We figure, we have a clue where this threat is heading to
and we want you to gather a team and hinder them 
from reaching their target.

We will get the civilians off the area, faking a hull breach. Off cause the 
enemy will get warned this way, but we can not risk having any bystanders.

Protect the consoles at all costs!

Good hunting!

++Encryption activated++
++End of Message++

++Encoding data++

Thursday, February 1, 2018

How to make Concrete Walls

Greetings everybody!

Today I want to share with you the rather quick way I did these concrete walls for my Infinity Tables.