Thursday, February 1, 2018

How to make Concrete Walls

Greetings everybody!

Today I want to share with you the rather quick way I did these concrete walls for my Infinity Tables.


The Home Improvement Store  is your best friend here:
- Express Wood Glue (normal works fine aswell... just not as quick)
- Super Glue (from the Dollar Store)
- Painters filler
- Corksheets
- Cutter knife
- square plastictubing
- plastic sheets
- Saw + corneraid
- rasp

 Step 1

 I cut the corkboards into 10cm high and 10, 15 and 20 centimeter long squares.

Step 2

 The sqaures are then in pairs glued together to give the walls some thickness and sturdiness.

 A good pile is quickly raised.

Step 3

 The square plastictubes are then cut into 11cm high pieces. The ends are made smooth with the rasp.

 As you can see, the pillars are 1cm higher than the walls.

Step 4

 To close the pillars, I use the plastic sheets, which already had the same width as the tubes. This way I just had to measure the sheet in one direction.

Step 5

 Using cheep superglue (since you need lots!) I glued the pillars to the walls andafterwards glue the lid on.

Step 6

Using the filler and my finger, I created a smooth transition between the two sheets of cork.


Done! After the filler has cured, the walls are ready to be painted.  For that I used simply spray paint.

I hope this was helpfull!

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