Monday, July 1, 2013

WIP sedition wars up date 7 -can it be?!-


Can it be?
Is it possible?


I had some time for minitaures. Last friday night.

And since my Strain are closing in on leaving the lame Alabaster Station (lame, since I have infected almost everyone there). So the Strain makes ready to leave for the stars and there is only one way to travel to the stars in style.
Right again, via the Meta-form 5 Cthonian.

I honestly have to admit, that the creatures concept is a little off to me. The Squid cased in a power armour...
well, the miniature, imho, could be a little more "power armour" and a little less "we did both, Squid and aroumr".
And since there will be rules for a "smaller" chtonian, I am building the BIG one first. But to do that, some modifications are in order.
1. Make the difference between squid and armour more clearly.
2. Get rid of the "tyranid devourer"-weapon (I guess there are more cool weapon concepts out there...)
3. Change the pose.

Here is how far I got :D

As you can see... not very far. The moldline removal took away my precious time :(