Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Honest Ed's Meds - First Branch SHop open

"There are two reasons for you to go to "honest Eds Meds". You can't pay the quality and the price the Haqqislam asks for their treatments. Or the nurses." 
- Joshua Blohart, Streetvendor, Silas Ark

Grettings everybody!
This post is to celebrate the first branch of Honest Ed's Meds opening it's doors.

Honest Ed's you ask? Well... that was the first bulding I made for Infinity:

And since people liked it, I encouraged on Eds behalf, people to join the franchise and ope up their own store. Most simple way, glue that sign on a building of your choice.

I have to admit, that I have never expected anyone to actually do so. But there has!

And so: Spot light:

Capt. Nuss from the o-12.de Forum made the first step to unimaginable wealth
See the rest of his awesome work here

Feel free to open up a store yourself!
You already did and I missed it? Pleas email me!