Thursday, November 16, 2017

Wotan: Interception


Nomads: Hydra 
PanOceania: MjustM

The horribly long time it takes to get everything in order is reason for this shorty

++Filomez, are you reading?++
**Yes Captain!**
++You are still on the way back from that meeting with the Tohaa?++
**Affirmative, Captain**
++Ok. I need to derail you. the Dongs Command has informed me, that Alephs dollies and the PanO suckers are spreading on the ship and we need to know what they know. There are some creeps at Evelvator 34. Go check them out, hack their communication, get our wyrm in and relay the incomming data to our server on the Pileus. Get as much info from them as you can, even if that means you need to rip the harddrives from their motherboards, understood?++
**Understood Captain. We will have a little peepshow then**

Mission 10 form 20x20
"Intercept enemy communication"
5 OP for the player who has intercepted the enemy communication at least twice as much as his/her opponent.
4 OP for the player who has intercepted the enemy communication more often than his/her opponent
3 OP if both players have intercepted communication the same amount of times
1 OP for the player who has intercepted communication at least once, but not as often as his/her opponent.
+1 OP for having intercepted the communication of the enemy Lieutenant.
+1 OP if the opponent has not been able to intercept the own communication even once.
Secondary Mission
Scavenge Enemy Technology 17
3 OP for the player whose active troopers are in possession of more enemy tech markers than his/her opponent’s troopers at the end of the game.
2 OP for both players if they are in possession of the same amount of enemy tech markers, but more than one at the end of the game.
1 OP for the player who is in possession of at least one enemy tech marker, but less than his/her opponent at the end of the game.

**Filomez here, we are in position**

In retrospection, Filomez wondered, there was actually little shooting. Especially when oyu consider, that it had been PanOs on the other side. The had taken out pretty quickly the Zero and the ApeMan, but traded that heavily for the wherabouts of their Hexa Agent, which was quickly taken out by the Tsyklon.

The enemy had deployed cleverly, but the massive elevator had devided the battlefield into two sections, the one their missle launcher could see and the other one he couldn't see. Lady Ds smoke had blocked out that tube-lugger, but they were far from getting anywhere close. So she had decided to stay put with her team and let the Lilacs come to them. The Tsyklon and it's attending clockmaker had made assure, that there hadn't been much resistence in their field of fire.
So, when the PanOs had send their scuttler, she had her buffers up and her cache full of the good stuff. Finding loopholes in the enemies communcation system had been easy, but while she had been busy intruding into their system, she couldn't protect her team. Although the PanOs had thrown themselves at their positions like canon fodder, their had also attacked her teams ComLogs, which meant extra hours for her to whipe all the harddrives clean once they were back home.
Although the Locust and the Auxilia had been successfuly hacked and afterwards neutralized, it seemed the enemies effords where comparable successfull. Hadn't it been for the Harddrive, they had salvaged from the little Palbots smoking caroche, it would have felt like a defeat.
Anyhow, the work ahead, writing all the tracerprogramms to find the little trojan horses the PanO inception would have probably left in their system was what worried her right now. That, and that there had been no trace of that stupi monkey the had had to drag along...

The Tsyklon does her job... being an awesome ARO piece

The last confirmed sight of Lady D until now... ready to take on that Deva and make Aleph feel the PAIN...

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