Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Prelude OP:ER Tiberium Testrun

 ~intercom³ activated~
~key accepted~
~channel 20.9 secured~
"What's the status, Dr. Hayashi?"
"Sir, we are close, but we need more time! The composition of the delta-molec..."
"Spare me the details! You have asked for an extension of the rescources and time already. More than once. My patience is over, Dr Hayashi. I need results. I need something I can sell."
"B-b-but... we are not ready... we can't..."

"You can. And you will. Our stock is falling and we need to do something or we can all look for a new job. In two days, Dr. Hayashi, we will show the sphere what we are capable of doing with this Tiberium and they will beg to buy it from us!"
"But sir! I m-m-m-must i-i-in-insist! The composition is not stable yet. We have to run more t-t-tests and make sure..."
"Yeah! You have two days to make it work. Now, don't waste time anymore!"
~Connection served~
~withdrawing spyware~
~running trace cleaning~
~erasing log and reg data~

"In two days, ladies and gentlemen, I and my company, will show you the next step in cube technology. So ready your wallets and contact your brookers, because this will go off like a rocket!"
Dr. Susanne Lambertin
Armino Industries
exclusive for STOCK WATCH


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