Monday, November 13, 2017

Tiberium Run

//Left Flank here. We are approaching the designated targets.//

//In chase you are looking for us, we are IN the train... hahaha!//
**Quit the BS! Report!**
//Well, I got a rather good sight on those civiis on the market place. And across the street, there is a NOD building. It looks like something is moving there.//

**What about those crystals?**
//Well, they are right in front of us.//
**Right flank! Report!**
##We are in position.##

##The Naga in the Mosque will grab that meteorhead of a Imam in the mosque and some stones while he's at it. We will lock down the lanes here.##

**Okay, people, move on my mark. One, two...**

The DEC units on the left flank moved cautiously, but were not as alone as they thought. While they had moved into position, blurry shadows had climbed the stairs of the shopping mall and had crossed its roof...

The Bagh Mari were just about to grab their objectives, when hell broke loose. The squad bunkered down in the NOD tower pinned them down in the train with the constant rain of bullets the HMGs supplied. With growing furor, the NOD henchmen blasted at the train, killing their HMG rifle(wo-)man. Having lost their long range firpower, the remaining two Bagh Mari, could do little, but hide in the train, shooting back the occasional shot once in a while.

While some of the shadows on the malls roof top grabbed as many civilians as the could lay their claws on otheres traded shots with the bulleteer...

Unseen from anyone, the little DEC Remote grabbed some Tiberium Crystals, stashed them and crawled into safety.
While the middle of the battlefield was dominated by the NOD link team, the 112 was busy brinign all the fallen HMG rifleman back to life who had been hit by a lucky strayshot.

On the right flank, the Irregular Sniper had a deadly duel with an NOD sniper, which ended 1:0 for the DEC. Unfortunatly that was the only thing that worked n that flank. The Naga approached the Imam as planned, but at the same time had a deadly date with the NOD henchman lurking back there...

Jeffrey, the pathfinder REM, was blinded by a over-enthusiastic NOD warcor, yet was able to convince the Imam to come with him ("Come with me, if you want to liveeee!"),but also grabbed some crystals aswell.

Sadly there were not enough orders to bring Jeffrey into savety. While Jeffrey and the Imam marveled at the mosques carpets, the NOD parachutist found them to be an easy target. He kicked in the mosques door, blasted Jeffrey into unconsiousness and took the crystals and the Imam from its twitching limbs, after which he disappeared in an adjacent room.
But Jeffrey wasn# willing to give up his loot so easily. After being fixed up by a little helperbot, he squabbled after the thief. It was probably due to the hit he had taken earlier or a malfunction in his sensor cluster, but when he met his adversary eye to eye, Jeffrey blasted the roof to pieces while he suffered a way graver fate.

Having lost such a big piece of the cake, the Tik decided to taake things into his own, big, hands. Sadly, a round of teseum tipped rounds ended his effords.
And before the enemy could loot the percious TAG, the helperbot decided to destroy it on its own. Even used a command token for that...

In the end, a sneaky shadow approached Pollux from behind and put a bullet in his artifical heart.

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