Thursday, November 9, 2017

Prelude: REMs gone wild

"A couple of hours ago, a heavy explosion has shaken the Hills near north of the city. Representatives of the city have announced that the site of the excident is supposed to be an old mining facilit. They declared, an unauthorised depot of chemcials seems to have caught fire and exploded. >>Do you want to know more?<<
Breaking news. Sektor 5 of the city has been evacuated. Two Remotes with the Xin TI Branding have emerged out of nowhere and have been on the loose. Authorities have ordered the evacuation, since the Remotes have withstood all attemps to gain back control over them. Xin Ti officials claim, thaat they are not missing any REMs and said, that these drones are none of theirs. Since their task is unclear, noone should approach them on their own. If you see the drones, please report to the authorities.>>Do you want to now more?<<

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