Thursday, November 23, 2017

Wotan: Headhunt




Mission Briefing

++This is cosmica belaya ten mission control+Hailing the PILEUS+Captain Argos, please come in++

++Captain Argos is currently unavailable+ I am the XO, what can I do for you?++

Mission control:
++XO Hylas, your personnel has been task with tracking down and fending off a trespasser on our military harbour. (-> )
We have interrogated the leader of the alien invaders, but our effords have come to a dead end. What we have learned is, that the Tohaa have a secret operation running on a yet to be determined asteroid. That operation is led by a high ranking member of the Tohaa society and we assume, that, being in possession of such a valuable member, would bring a fresh impuls to our inquiries.++
XO Hylas:
++So, in short terms, you want us to raid that asteriod, find the Tohaa and bring it back?++
Mission Control:
++Yes. To determine which of the aliens is the actual target, you have to access the security system of the compound. We have developed an algorythm that should quickly pick out and asign the subject in question.++

XO Hylas:++ Alright. I assume, there is problem with us bringing a carographer along?++

MIssion Control:++Ofcause not. But keep an eye on her. A capture through by the Tohaa would commpromise our own effords.
Good hunt, Mr. Hylas!++

"Okay People! Listen up! He have to get that Tohaa lady and bring her back alive! So, watch your shots!
Mission Control has send us the designation of our little trip and guess what! We know that place!

On that rock, Walter W, one of our loyal clients, is running a, let's say, small buisness. If you see him, you need to keep him away from harm!

To make things worse, Walter has reported, that he has been followed. Earlier, we would have dismissed that thought as his typical paranoia, but with the ring being blow and yu jing agents creeping everywhere, have a look out for people that don't belong there. Especially, when they are carrying the yu jing badge! When you see someone that doesn't belong there, grab em, we can vent them later, but we need to get any intel from them that we can first!"

"Okay People! Stay sharp! The Tohaa are close by!"


"So, here ist the plan: Mr. Null and Spektr, you take that left flank console. You will get cover from the Jaguar in your rear! After that you head for the target. Mr. Nol! You keep em busy with your little friends on the right flank!
You, Moran, and the Lunokhod, you keep our Carographer clear of any trouble. We will support Mr. Null and Pnevma from back here! As soon as we get the intel of whom these cabbage heads is the one, all focus on that one! Bring me that smexy artichoke!"

It was quiet down there...

...a bit too quiet, if you ask me.

Before we took off, we took this little family foto. I am one of the blurry guys... I don't like pictures...

It was all going well. The carographer did his job, the REMs were humming their song...

The sayut had all the time in the world to bring up her programms...

When Mr. Nol suddntly reported movement. You couldn't say what, but something was creeping close to his console in the shadows.

Suddenly the TR chimed in. Something was moving on the far end of the cavern. Creeping iits was towards us...

Mr. Hylas' MSV could see way better than we. So he fed the visu-intel on our comlogs...

There they were...

...scutteling in the darkness...

...unaware, that we coud see them...

The creepiest thing about them, was...

... they didn't make a sound. No talking. Not even a whisper could be picked up. Just shy steps on the gravel.

Mr. Nol was the first to actually see one of them. He didn't want to risk his camo, so he stayed frosty, even when the thing layed a glimmering object right in his sight.

Next thing to happen, was the Tohaa advancing on my position...

...while scuffeling sounds indicated, that they were taking up positions in other places aswell.

On Hylas mark, Lady D hauled a smoke grenade just right onto my hiding place...

... the minute the smoke filled up the chambaer, Hylas opened fire.

A scream in the smokefilled distance indicated, that he had hit his target.

That was my sign. Still enveloped in the smoke, I crept forward to wards the console. I logged onto the system with some difficulties and activated the algorythm. Within seconds the programm worked through the files and locatedd the Tohaa. Within moments, we all had the target on our coms.


Together with Mr. Null, we did our best to make the enemys approach on us as hard as possible, dropping a mine every second step.

While we were appproaching the target, the mech support took good care of our carographer.

A booming sound heralded the end of a crazy coala, but these aliens are so verastile... it stepped out of the explosion, as if nothing had happened.

A frustraded scream from Hylas announced, that the aliens had found a way of obscouring even his high techvisor. Looking over my shoulder, I saw black smoke willowing out of the corridor I had just left...

...but Mr. Null stayed frosty and kept the Tohaa at bay.

Combined with the TR Bot and Hylas, they even managed to harm the alien Koloss.

Meanwhile I had reached the end of my cover. The alien monkey being right on the opposite of the wall. To make way for me, the Tsyklon made finally short work of him.

The "clear" from the REM was my sign. I lept around the corner... and saw the tohaa diplomat. Having my target in sight, I did the biggest mistake I have ever done. I let my greed get the upper hand. Just when only an arms reach away from her I was fiercly hit. The blow took me off my feet, skidding to a halt only a meter or so from the diplomat.

So, while I am lying on the dusty ground, marking the ground with my blood, pouring from my body, I hear the report of Mr. Nol, reporting that he has captured a Yu Jing agent...

...and while senses leave me and everything gets blurry, I hear them creeping towards me, reaching out with their gnarrled fingers. I just hope that they kept my cube in a good pl...

++The Mission was CAPTURE AND PROTECT++
»»Have Connected an Energy Console (1 Objective Point). H-Logs 1, Tohaa 1
»» Have Captured the Enemy Beacon at the end of the Game
(4 Objective Points). H-Logs -, Tohaa -
»» Have the Captured the Enemy Beacon in your own Deployment
Zone at the end of the Game (1 Objective Point). H-Logs -,Tohaa -
»»The enemy has not Captured your Beacon the end of the
game (3 Objective Points). H-Logs 3, Tohaa 3
H-logs 1, Tohaa -
H-Logs 5, Tohaa 4

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