Monday, November 13, 2017

Prelude Tiberium Run

"This is Ericha Joana, reporting in for KNC. I am here, close to the barrier, the police has just erect. What has happened here exactly is still unkown and officials have denied any request for an interview so far. What caan be said for sure is the following: Along the monorail line M29 from Nippur to Burna have mysterious crystals sprouted from the ground. These crystals are not of geological origin and the public is advised to avoid any contact with them. Found were these crystls by rail workers, who came in contact ith the crystals. Soon after the contact, the workers complained about serious health issues. Now they are under quarantine in the local medical center. Furthermore..."

With the swipe of a hand, the projection fell silent.

"This is our responsibility. How could this have happened?"

**I don't know, but if I should guess, a bullet must have hit one of the containers. It was quite a gunfight, you know.**

"And then you didn't notice, that you have been spilling the way all along?"

**It is not the time to ask for who's fault it was. We still have no clue what we are supposed to do with this stuff. Neither could have anyone guessed that this stuff would be toxic. It hasn't been at least, when we dealt with it.**

"This seems to be different then. We should gather some samples then... but we can't go there ourselves."
**Then we send someone... and I just know the right people for that...**


**Pollux here. We are closing in on the designated area. The Bagh Mari, supported by Schroedinger and the Kaplan are taking the left flank. The Irregulars, supported by Callisto are with me on the right flank. Gaia, we could use some sat recon for the area.**
##Gaia here. Our satelite window will be open any moment...
...transfering data now!##

**There are still civillians in this area. We should get them out aswell! But beware, they have probably come into contact with the crystals. Grab as much as you can and let's get out.**
##Pollux, we have detected another presence in your area. Some else is around to grab those crystals. Proceed with caution!##

**You heard it! No funny buisness now!**

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