Saturday, February 16, 2013

WIP Sedition Wars Update 1

Dear Archivists, 
when I take a look at the world news these days, I feel a little like in the opener to a Zombie-survival-horror movie. Stuff from space falling to earth? Dissapearing in the ice?
Is this the place where soon mutation and chaos will spread from?

Talking about Zombies... it is time that I show you my recent work on the "zombies" from Sedition Wars.
I really love all their sculpts. But I am no big fan of having a bunch of clone-zombies running through my ship. So I used the hot-water-trick, Mike McVey recommended to get bend parts to fit, some cables (bass guitar wire is imho the best choice) and GS to get some variation into my Necro-Forms.

Last weekend I had some time on my hands and gave them all a slap of paint. Sadly, as mentioned, my camera reduced the colours to a rather red smear, but I hope you get the idea.

But the Necro-Form where not the only ones I got finished. Some Samaritans got some paint aswell.
First of I tried the paint-scheme on a Hasslefree Mini, which fits quite nicely in design and size. I guess she will be a pilot or something like that. 

I wanted to have them bright (my normal choice of colour for armour is rather dark) but not the white Studio McVey used. Not that I don't like that, but it reminds me somewhat of Storm Troopers and  on top of that, white can sometimes be a real pain to paint. Especially when i think of vehicles or larger areas.
At first, I thought a bright blue might be a good idea, but then I remembered my rather reserved relationship to ultramarines. Following this lead of thought I decided against all the other bright colours that sprang into my mind (I was toying with yellow or orange at some point...)

So here is the first squad.

I will post WIP-Shots on the Vanguard (showing the headswaps) later on.

Happy Zombie-Hunting everyone

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