Thursday, February 7, 2013

Archive HFH update 1

Dear Archivists,
the first update is done. The Hive Fleet Hydra Section has now it's background.

Some words to explain what you can see and read there would be appropriate.
A good while back i had the honor of being part of one the famous "5 Generals"-Articles in the White Dwarf (which were released only in germany). 

And since a friend of mine was part in this aswell we decided to write the Articles not in a describing way ("I took this minature... combined it with that...bla bla...") but take the chance and but our little piece of story in this big Fluff-Universe.

The Prolog was born. After the release, I "translated" (at least I tried to) the text into english and showed them to the guys over at Warpshadow. There was a bunch of crazy enthusiasts back then and one of them, know as "Hive Fleet Providence" sat down and did some drawings to illustrate my writing.

Some time passed on, but the idea of creating fluff stuck to my head. At that time "Entmologist", a great writer imho, was showing us, that tyranids could be good for story telling. And not only that kind of the big bad faceless enemy, but also as the protagonist. Long story short, he agreed to write my unsorted ideas of fluff into a gripping story, while I convinced a friend of mine with a good camera to take some shots to illustrate that story.

The Branches of the Hydra were created in a couple of months.
It is one of these "good old times" you will remember, when you are old and grey. And sometimes, I really really miss these times.

Anyhow, when reading this, please keep in mind, that we were young and a little crazy back then ;)

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