Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Welcome to the Archive

Welcome, fellow Archivists!

Before I tell you what this is all about,
I would like to take the chance to introduce myself.

The Interwebs know me as "Hydra", I am yet on the good side of thirty and by the end of this year, I hope to finish my teacher on probation-position and find a job as a "real" teacher. I have studied Art and Theology in Dortmund/Germany (which might explain sometimes my wierd choice of words in english), the place I live right now.

I have started "the Hobby" somewhat around 15 years ago, with the good old 2nd Edition Blood Angels.

I have collected various armies over the years, but i found my real passion in the 3rd Edition Tyranid Codex. I am all in for monsters, aliens, monster-aliens and all the wierd creatures the galaxy can throw at me.
I seriously started collecting Tyranids with the release of the 4th Edition Codex and since then there is no stopping me in collecting and converting models.

This sommer was the first time I became disloyal to the big Company (GW), when the Sedition Wars Kickstarter set my heart on fire.

So, what is this all about?

Over the last couple of years, I have been part of the former Hive Fleet Moloch Site. With that going down, I had no "official" place where I could show the world my models (aside from various forums, but no collective place).
After several attempt to resurrect the old website, I have decided to approach this from another angle. After more failed attempts to find someone to make/design me a Homepage (I am  by no means a Tech-Wizard), I thought I should give blogging a try. And you, reading this, are a witness for that try.

I will basically do two things here:

1. I will revise, sort and explain the armies and their units I have made over the years. That is the Archive part of this blog. I don't present you a full gallery of stuff, but you can tag along seeing me fill it. 

2. I will show you what I am working on. That means lots and lots of WIP shots, ideas and more madness.

 As you might have seen  by now, I am no native speaker, but i wll do my very best to keep my stuff readable. But sometimes I don't find the right words or my hands go faster than my brain. Please forgive that!

I don't have a decent camera. I had one, that worked for me for year after year, but it broke. So I am left with my cellphone camera right now. I hope, i will find some money to replace the old camera soon. Until then, all i can serve with are not so shiny pictures. Please forgive thatr aswell.

I hope, you will enjoy this Blog.
If you have any recommendations, questions or ideas, please feel free to throw them at me!


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  1. Good sire.

    I am SO happy that you've found time to create this. You were always easily the most productive of our little team, and you deserve your own channel for sharing your brilliance with the world.

    I'm sorry for my part in dragging my feet on HFM. Can't wait to see what comes up here.

    Love and icy tentacles from The Wall.