Friday, February 8, 2013

Archive HFH update 2

Dear Archivists,

today I want to show you the HQ section of Hive Fleety Hydra.

I have to admit, that compared to the rest of the army, 3 Tyrants seem a little few. This has several reasons. The last tyrant I did never got a decent photo (will make sure to take some asap).
The other, I guess more striking, reasons is quite simple. Tyrants have always been the most powerfull (atleast imho) HQ choice. In 4th edition they were over-powered if you ask me. They were erasing whole squads with their devourers. This fact got them off the list.

Before I knew all that, I was asked to paint the first tyranid model for the 4th Edition for the store I worked in. And it was this guy.

When my modelling got more important to me, than the actual game, I tried two differnt styles or archetypes, if you will. The first was the "MG Tyrant". I guess it is obvious what the MG stands for...

The next I did was the "chest opener". Imagine this behemoth stomping over the field, gunfire falls of his chest like raindrops. And when he made the distance to the gunemplacement, where rows of humans have dug in, his chest opens, with a sucking, squishy tone, to reveal the pink flower of wormy death...

With the last Edition, we got something really really cool!
Massive monsters that could spawn more monsters...
The first Tervigon I did, was the biggest piece of work. Since no kits had been released until then, I had only a carnifex to toy around with. And as you see, the chest opener had always a theme for me. My understanding of Tyranids is, that they don't have any real need for inner organs. So the chest cpativity can be put to some better use. In this chase, you can see that there has been a long way of gaining experience, when you compare the chest-opener-tyrant and the Tervigon. I would say, several years. 


 But since the codex could let you field a whole bunch of these broodmothers (I know, GW has them described as Broodfathers, atleast in the german translation, but seriously... spawning? Is there something more feminie?) I had to build more of them. I did an easy cross-over betweeen the Trygon and the Fex and here we go.

So, I hope you liked the little run down. If you have questions or the like, please leave a comment  :D

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