Saturday, February 23, 2013

WIP Sedition Wars Up date 2

Dear Archivists!
What a blast the last couple of days have been. Atleast when it comes to activity here on this young blog. I hope you like what I have brought forward so far.

Today, I want to show you more Sedition Wars stuff.
On the one side, we have some WIP shots of the Vanguard Headswaps I did and on the other we have some strain conversions. I hope you like them :D

First of we have a Vanguard lady with a changed head position and a new hair cut... fairly easy conversion, yet effective.

Next we have some more hairdressers work.

Finally, I wanted the Reaver to have a helmet. But for that, I needed someone to lose her helmet and find a good replacement. I had a copped up Trxxis from Hasslefree lying around, which was perfect for the job...

And now... some Strain-madness. After I did the "masses" of Necroforms, I decided to spend a little more time with the next bunch of Necroforms. I came up with the Leadsinger from Rammstein and the Bubble-Dude. And here they are:

Next up we have some Stalker-Exoforms. In the game, they can be mutated in the Witch. Wierdly the slaker is quite masculin while the witch is way more femine. On the Seditions Wars forum a member sculpted the stalkers some more "obvious" connections to the Witch and I really liked that idea. So I stole it. Here is my attempt:

So, I hope you enjoyed this little ride into the wondeful world of Greenstuff. If you liked it or if you didn't, leave a comment. And become a member! Now! :D

Next up... some Quasimodos :)


  1. Great work! How did you remove the heads for swapping? Hobby knife, clippers, something else?

  2. I have been asked that quite often. I used a hobby knife. I guess i will make some How-Tos as soon as I get my head-swap-heads :D
    Stay tuned ;)