Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Misc Archive Up date 1 Chaos Demons

Greetings, Archivists!

With the new Chaos Demon Codex coming up, I thought I should add the Demons I did a while ago.
Let it be said, that if you have any interest in possessing single units or more please contact me.

One of the "new" Chaos Demons
So, if you have a look at my other chaotic activities, you will see, that I have a thing for Slaanesh. Why that is would probably reach deep into my psychology, so I will spare you that visit in my psyche. What I can say is, that I am no big fan of the current demon miniatures. The old metal demonetts (not the old old masculine crab claw ones...) I really liked. They were convincing sirens, as were the other demons. I think there are enough good examples out there how a distrubing demon concept can be done. But the one boobed, explosive-hair demonetts simply don't thrill me.
With the demon army I did, I tried to get closer to what I thought demons should look like and the theme I tried to implement on these miniatures was quite simple. I wanted to have the aspect of sensual experience up front.
So what senses do we have?
Hearing... demons with big ears? Nope...
Smelling? Big noses everywhere? Ehm... nope...
Taste? Long tounges... okay.
Touch? Lots of flesh exposed to be touched either by blade or claw or whip... yes.
Seeing? Seeing how you enemys twist at your feet in pain? YES!

Following this directive, I tried to imprint every single unit with somewhat of a theme. But Judge for youself it that has worked...

My first completly sculpted miniature:

Well, I hope you enjoyed them. And, as said, they are for sale. As a matter of fact, the Bloodletters and the Fiends of Slaanesh are already gone.


  1. ABOUT. BLOODY. TIME. I saw some painted photos of these freaks (I guess I must have missed them somewhere along the way).

    Brother Pink is in love with your flamers, but I am particularly fond of your Horrors and Fiends for they are indeed "horrific" and "fiendish"! Good work on the 'stealer hands for the toothy maw of the giant horror.

    Damn. It's sad that you're selling these >:(

    Also, though I've found love of my own for the Bloodletter models, as can be seen in my grotesques, you make me fall in love with them all over again for just how versatile you prove them to be. It's refreshing to see them painted in a colour that isn't red. It helps to show how great the models are and how they can be put to a number of uses.

    I can't wait to see your next army project, if you ever find time for one. Keep posting pics of your past forces, particularly some of your Dark Eldar!

  2. hello! can u connect with me and tell the price of Hounds and Horrors units

  3. I wish I could... I am to stupid for google+... I will keep trying. If you read this first, you can reach me at gorsky83"at"googlemail"dot"com