Thursday, February 14, 2013

All Hail the Hive Queen

Dear Archivists,

it's been a good while, since I hwas comissioned with a very special task. Hellric, a member on Warpshadow, has this thing for cthulhu. Well... who is into nids and not in Lovecraft?!

Anyhow, Hellrics thing is to do niddy conversions... in a cthulhu way and calls them Hive Queens and the like. At some point he started to comission people to expand his ever growing collection of Hive Queens.
This is where I come into play. I was one of the lucky guys, being tasked with a conversion.

I tell you all this, because Hellric has finaly come around to paint the Queen and I wanted to share with you this event.
So, head over to his Blog and enjoy the madness.
 If you want to see some WIP-Shots I did during the process, check out this album

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