Wednesday, February 17, 2016

[Silas Ark] The Motel

Greetings everbody!

What a buzz here, right?

I have promised to myself that I want to produce something with real content here at least once a  week. We will see how long I can live up to this :D

As some of you might know, I had a highly productive sculpting phase, when I was hanging out with the hivemind. My sculpting works have become way more subtile... bso, if you feel like learnening, reading and HEARING about sculpting and the crafting of flesh, make sure you check out Brother Pinks Blog and his podcast! To keep you from searching, here some links:

Mr Pink and his brothers podcast

But now, back to topic.
A good while ago our good friends from Laughing Jack Games have launched a massive community support action. The offered two sets of their terrain to the community, both sets stuff full with goodness to fill a table. All you had to do, was write up your ideas fro the board and let the community decide. Guess what. I could haul one of these bags home!
Since then I have been working on and off on these containers...

The basic idea of the table is a space station, that had a cargo port and a port for human traffic. And what do both travellers and interstellar truckers need? Sure, a place to rest their heavy heads for a night. So, the Idea of a Motel was born.

With all the buildings, I try to avoid sniper nests. That means, I want all high positions be accessable by ladders and try to give cover in as much directions as possible. I will show you what I mean later on.
Logos and floortiles here
 The basic idea is simple. Couple of containers on top of another, with some sort of gangway to access the different levels...

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Since there is no room for a "reception" and it is just a Motel, we have some holo-access terminal at ground level. You check in, download the access key to your com log and are good to go.
After check in, you use the elevator to get to your floor.
Each floor has a balkony, providing a beatiful view over the staation.
Even from afar it is easy to see, which level you are on. In chase of an emergency, you can use the fireladders to reach ground floor.
The containers are quite nice to stack. So I made the balkonies removable. To access eaach level, the Containers are of cause not glued together. The Gangway construct on the other hand grants enough stabilisation, so the tower won't tumble over during the game.
Each room comes with a bed, a toilet and a sink. I wanted to add some sort of TV, but I figured, the ComLog would bring all the enternainment you need.
The size of the bed was not early measured for miniature to sleep in, but more to grant cover.
The room on the ground floor is the "bachelor suite" comes with a original Bioware Maid-TPR for you entertainment. I wanted a little goodie on the ground floor, that, who ever dared to place his LT there get a little reward.
Bioware is a subsidiary company from TripleHelix and produces entertainment soft- and hardware.

As everything on the Ark, you can see, she is not the latest model...
So, folks. That's it for now. If you have questions or comments, I will gladly answer them!
Until next time...


  1. Hi Hydra ! Just found your blog after a wandering session on Pinterest, then the infinity forum, then here.. The terrain you made is very impressive ! Hope you'll post news soon :) cheers.

    Ps: may i ask how ylu made the beds and slugbags ? Just plasticard & greenstuff.

    1. The beds are made by Laughing Jacks. The come along with MDF pillows and sheets, which look really box :D
      I simply covered them with paper tissue soaked in a mix of PVA Glue and water.

      p.s.: glad you like my stuff :D

  2. When I saw your idea and the finished scenery I immediately thought of the "capsule hotel" from the novel Neuromancer. You've done an amazing and inspirational job here.

    1. Ha! Two weeks ago, I would have had no idea what you had been talking about.... since I didn't know "Neuromancer" back then. But I have recently consumed that wonderfull piece and now... now I understand :D

      Thanks a lot for the compliment :D Though I figure, compared to the described capsules, my motel is a luxury version... space wise :D