Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Infinity Mercs - DEC

Greetings everybody!

With "Human Sphere" aka HS3 (a supplement book for Infinity) on the horizon and all the little hints about Mercenaries that keep popping up, I thought it was time to shed some light on my Merc stuff.

For those unfamiliar with Mercenaries in Infinity, here some introduction:
The fluff for Infinity states that humanity has colonised different star systems and is in a constant, yet really really REALLY fragile state of peace with each other. The aliens, called the Combined Army are the only constant opposition, which is shot at. Of cause there is always work for someone who is will to shoot at someone else for money or at least accepts money for walking around with a big gun in his hands. The term Merc is used in a reaally wide context, ranging from a gang of space pirates to single characters, roaming the sphere in search of stuff to kill. In game terms there is currently no existing rule set, that defines how a Merc gang would work /there has been, but it was never that good) so, Mercs are basically single Units, able to be included in other armies. I think the basic idea with the Mercs was to sort out weaknesses in lists, i.e. Ariadna (a technological rather left behind faction) doesn't have a own hacker. But they can compensate that lack by hiring a Merc Hacker.
Uh... do I have your attention again? :D

So. My idea for my Mercs is the following.

DEC, standing for Dynamic Execution Corps, is a Company that has two sides. On the one hand, DEC its own employees, security personnel, that can be hired at any chain store. On the other hand, DEC works as a link between independent characters that are looking for contracts and customers that have certain jobs to be attended to. Having exclusive contracts with the logistic company H-Logs, DEC can vouch for a quick and save travel and has a wide supply network. Each chain store can be used by the contractors as storage units for ammunition and equipment.

Let's start with the chain store, shall we?
I used two storage containers from LJG which got a little cut apart (I "added" the side door and the windows on the top container). The banner on top is a print out of the design I made. More about print outs and their uses on the tabletop, next week btw.
I basically used Montana Gold Spray Cans ( you can get here ) for the green and a brush and some GW foundation yellow for... the yellow :D

The first floor is the bureau, where can hire the gun or man power you need...

... nothing spectacular here.

The larger containers interior shall represent the storeage and supply aspect. The racks come with the container, but are normally empty. I used wooden cubes from the art store as boxes and random bitz for the goods on the shelves. Nothing wild here, but imo it suite the room. The Info screen on the wall is from antenocities.

Here is a shot from the whole compound. With walls and check point from Zen Terrain.

Now... to the miniatures!
From left to right, CBs Valeria and a Tsyklon REM, the limited Authorised Bounty Hunter and a Authorised Bounty Hunter on bike.
As you will see on the following picture I tried to do the following with  the paint scheme: The basic colors should be green and yellow. But I wanted to avoid a to uniform look so I used a different green on every model and I used a different amount of yellow. If you take the limited ABH and the Bikerlady. He nearly got no yellow, while she is sporting quite lot on her dress.

The gang's all here.
All my Merc models so far.
From left to right:
CBs CSU (Operation Icestorm Box); CBs Tsyklon REM and Valeria; ABH (ITS 2014); ABH (Rulebook preorder); Miranda Ashcroft (Artbook); ABH on Bike; Haqqislam Guhlam Doc (Support Box) with crazy coalas (together they count as Nomad Moran Massai); in the back an Anaconda Merc TAG with Pilot; custom ABH (Grenzer Body, PanO Spitfire, Aleph SpecOp helmet); Maria "The Crow" from Armoured Syndicate with her droids (count as Moran Massai as well).

I am really keen on sculpting and converting, but with Infinity you have (almost) perfect models, so not much to do. Aside fro that , all the factions have such a specific design, that is quite a task to work other companies modes into the line with them standing out like the odd kid. The Mercs give me the perfect excuse to bring in all the models that have no spot with my nomads. So, when ever I feel the urge to paint something else than orange and grey... here we go. Green and yellow. :D

I hope you liked my little excurse.

Next week I will have a Tutorial for you again on how to use your printer to the best effects on the tabletop. So, tune in, if you want to see my way of doing floors, holo-boards and street signs.

Until then!

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