Sunday, April 28, 2013

Inspirational Coil 2 -Masters of the Universe Day-

Probably due to all the "grown up" stuff I have been doing lately (will tell you in time more about that) my subconscious has decided to return to some of the oldest and most childish part of myself and drag it to light.

Today is the Masters of the Universe Day, proclaimed by the (in the pic above) mentioned blogs and websites. Which brings me to share some pictures of my little collection with you.
According to my mother my fixiation on monsters began even before I could speak. And trigger to that was "Masters of the Universe". My "against-everything-fun" parents never let me watch the series on TV or have any figures. So I can not share any nostalgic feelings, some might gain by seeing pieces from the old show.
I only had some audio tapes and "Rokkon"... probably the most boring Masters Character EVER. He is... as the name tells you... a stone. That was harmless enough to convince my ├╝parents that it wouldn't turn my mind into a nightmarish landscape and prevent me from falling prey to the oh-so-cunning-commercial strategies Mattle was plotting back in those days.

Don't they look harmless as a Stone can be?

Anyhow... a couple of years ago, I saw Mantenna standing on a co-workers desk. But In a shiny new and awesome way. Being poor back those days I couldn't afford any of these "Statues", but when ever I had a chance, I marveld at this weird piece of plastic.

A year ago, when I visited Mr.Pink, I dropped by my favourite comic shop in Toronto (seriously, if you ever get to Toronto, check out Silver Snail)
and they had a special offer: The Neca Masters of the Universe Statues for cheap as $4!t...

Since then I call a couple of them my own.

My subconscious recently made me buy more of them of from ebay.

And today I will celebrate these great Models, the nostalgic emotions and a still spooked mother with the following pictures:



    That bat/mosquito-looking guy is seriously THE SHIT. Thanks for posting these up, and thanks for the shout-out to Silver Snail. It reminds me that I needed to share a sad bit of news with you:


    Well, it burned down, but it was only the building where Silver Snail used to live. They had, luckily, just completed a move to a smaller, more central, but far less characterful location on yonge street. I say it was a curse from the gods as the iconic, old, two-storey location on Queen Street had become so iconic for the comic store, and the new location is completely soulless >:(

    1. If all soulless places were burning down... wow, that would be a fire. But you are right. That place was saxred ground and there should not have been the chance for a McD to move in...

      I will miss that place! So many good memories...

      Hopefully the new place can live up to the old one.