Sunday, April 28, 2013

WIP Sedition Wars Up date 6 -Need your input-

Greetings Archivists!

Last night I had some time to get some stuff done. The last game I had, made me realise, that Necroforms die way to fast and the only things that ever made real damage where the Phase 3 Monsters. So I decided, that I need another Witch and another Brimstone on the field to hopefully become successfull...

The Brimstone is a lovely model and it is quite easy with a little hot water, burned fingers, greenstuff and some patience to get some variety into that sculpt.
Here he is:

Now comes the part where I need your input. The Witch is a great model aswell, with lots of potential.
Some Greenstuff and hot water later, I had the result shown belove. But I have to say, something doesn't look right with the pose. Is it the legs? The hip? Or, my guess, the right arm, pointing somewhat weird backwards?

Please let me know what you think!

See you next time. Then, hopfully, with some paint on the Grendle, Ridley and the two from above!


  1. Sir.

    You're right, and it mostly seems to be the LEFT arm. It might just be the photos, but with the way that you have posed it, it looks like it is bent along its length, rather than at the elbow where it SHOULD be bending.

    I'm not sure if the legs are a problem, but they are rather static. It looks like it might take more than heat and some burnt fingers to put that one right, though.

    Nice work on the hair and the Brimstone. Say, do you know if that unit may be named after the famous online personality? Would be nice to think so...

    1. I do believe (and that is way more than knowledge) that there is a connection. Well... atleast in my head ;)

      You are right about the elbows. They definatly should be bedn more... I also thought about giving the witch a running pose. Might change something...