Saturday, May 4, 2013

Inspirational Coil 3 -May the 4th be with you-

I know, I am getting randomly distracted by other stuff than making miniatures.
In any chase, make sure you check this out and celebrate in the right way this great day:
11 ways to celebrate the 4th of May

This time, I will spare you nostalgic stories. But I do recall clearly when I saw a Star Wars movie for the first time. Do you?

And all the rants about Mickey turning to the dark side...

... I honestly don't care. I really enjoy watching the "Clone Wars" animated series.

These are great! And Disney has been capable of making stuff for an older audienc.
If you haven't seen "Tron Uprising" for example, you should give it a try.
It is way better than the new Movie (which wasn't bad, in my book)

ANd since we are talking (atleast sometimes) about miniatures here,
you definatly should check out the Sedition Wars Storm Troopers and Jedis from Agis on the McVey Forum 

In any chase, have a good one today
and May the 4th be with you!

(and take a Wookie)

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