Thursday, May 23, 2013

WIP BCSD Episode I

Greetings Archivists!

Now what is this I hear you ask. "BCSD"?! Bold Cloud Space Destruction?
Well no... I have prepared a little picture-riddle:
I know...

Seems a little weird...

I give you a  The first word in BCSD is 




Beloved Castle Shit Dragon.

Now, what is this, you ask?
The biggest customization project I have accepted so far.

A little Prequel: My Nornqueen has been offered a house. And the price had been so good, we simply had to accept. Sure, the timining is bad (being in the middle of my trainee-teacher programm with doubtfull job expectations) but it was just too good...

The hous was build 1933 and back then, people had other ideas about rooms and architecture. And now we have to turn one house with two apartments into one house. That means tons of work, drills, shovels and what ever you can imagine. And most of that, I am learning by doing. Timewise my hands feel like swollen shovels. But I know what it is worth for.
The down side is, I have no time for miniatures and even if I had, I couldn't hold a brush. So, instead of taking you into processes related to miniatures, I will take you on the house building journey.

Here are the Pictures of Phase I: Tearing down walls, wallpapers, toilets and everything else.

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