Monday, December 4, 2017

Wotan: #HoDong



It was down in the Pileus' bar. Well, what the crew called the bar. As all good nomad spaceships, the Pileus has had a pre-owner. The "bar" was basically a cargo hold, some cargo boxes to make a decent counter and a humming reidge in the corner. Some posters of catgirls and other stuff hang on the wall. Someone had even put in the efford to make a huge graffito of "Dong Peyote" on a door.
There was a lone figure in the bar, clinging to the counter. The black helmet with the blue slits gave her away as a wild cat. The wildcat stirred, moaned and became fully awake. She rubbed through her short brown hair and looked around, a bit confused. It had been a party, but it felt now like a war. She reached over the counter and randomly grabbed a bottle. "Damm Dong parties..." she mumbled. She took a half full glass, poured its content on the ground and filled it up with the liquid from the bottle, she had just grabbed. With a gulp she swallowed the glasses content and whipped her mouth with the back of her hand.
Right in that moment, afemale voice chimed:
"Attention! All squad leaders report immediatly to their stations! I repeat! All sq..."
"Ah great" Luizianna thought. "Here we go again..."

Minutes prior to that...

++This is High Command! Pileus, come in!++

**This is the Pileus. We read you loud and clear!**

++Captain Argos, you need to leave the consulate immediatly!++
**But we have just established a beachhead and are about to meet up with our haqqislamic friends!**
++Sadly we don't have time for cultural exchange. The Don Peyote is under attack. You need to withdraw immediatly and turn about the front section of the Peyote.++
**And then? We are not equipped for a naval exchange of dissents.**
++Your task is simple. The ships network has been infiltrated by Aleph aspects. We are trying to root them out, but that proves to be more than we can handle right now. We need our crew to help us physically search and destroy these Aleph beacons. They can literaly be in everything. We...++
**High Command?**
++We have just detected an other intrusion.++

++It appears that we are not the only ones searching for these Aleph scions. We have been boarded by a yet unidentified force, which is clearly on its way to the sector in which we have quarantiend the Aleph infested units.++
**Sounds like there is no time to loose then.**
++Correct. We have already send you your briefing information. Whipe the floor with those trespassers!++
**We will do our very best!**

**Okay folks...**

**... the tak is pretty simple. High Command wants us to keep the Aleph thingy sve so the can hack away on it. But we need to deny the enemy our unit, while we have make sure they can take nothing with them. In the best case, we leave noone able to carry anything that is rightfully ours. There are ssome panoplies, help yourself to what you need. Oh and it would be awesome if someone culd get a clear shot of the trespassers, so we know who we are dealing with.**

**Here you have the designated area**

**This is our vector of approach**

**One last thing. We have a toy with us, that might help us on this mission. We have been carrying it with us in the cargo holds since Flamia and we are due to bring it back with us. But honestly, I don't know when this blockade will end and we could use something like that right now.
But do yourself a favour. Don't stare into its lenses for to long.... you never know...**

++Okay boys... you know the drill! Report in++

"ApeMan, ready to ugh!"

We are in place, ma'am. And the coalas are too!

++Does anyone have an eye on the thing?++ //Yes... we do...//

++Can anyone see the opponent?++ /Negative/

++Well then. The plan is simple. We will let the thing off the leash and see what it can do. We sort out the rest. You Morans, stay put and let the coalas do the work. ApeMan, you go in second. If the thing leaves anything standing, hit it! The rest stays put and shootseverything that get's to close to our AC2. Clear?++
If it all was that clear, why did she had sucha headache? A foreboding of an omen? Or was it just this massive thing, that got under her skin? It wasn't the time to find our, she called herself into focus.

She couldn't actually see anything, but the sounds and the battledata rolling down her retina where enough to paint an inredible painting.
The thing leapt from its cover, ushering a neither human nor machine like noise. The smokegranades it had thrown created a smoke pillar, that even she could see. The rest of the info was provided by the BaCon. Appearently the thing had covered its way to the AC2 unit with several smoke grenades and reached its target in no time. With mightly blows it had simlpy shredded the Unit to pieces, before it fell back.

The enemy AC2 Unit makes acquaintance with the things close combat capabilities (DA+AP)

//We have visual confirmation. It's those Tohaa again!//

The tohaa didn't wait long with their answer to the threat that was standing right next to it.
Several triads moved into position to engage the beast. sensors pick up enemy movement..Crchh

BaCon delivered the pictures to the Tohaas movement. "Poor guys" Luizianna thought...

"... they have no idea what awaits them around the corner!"

Having covered their approach also in smoke until now, the tohaa units left the protection of the black willowing smoke.
Readying their guns, they carefully crept forward to the corner behind which their assumed the might beast.

But the thing had been prepared and welcomed the tohaa with a shower of high velocity metal.

The exchange of violence was shot but fierce and left only a single Makaul standing...

++The thing is down! ApeMAn! Now is your turn! And don't forget to grab some stuff at the Panoplies! MAybe they even have a banana there!++

The ApeMan and his gang set into motion. Being covered by the huge structure, they were standing behind, they could use the whole potential of their speed. The ran upt to the building, entered it through the righ entrance, just after they had trown some smoke right infront of the place where the Intruder had been hiding and approached the panoply in the corridor.

As if it had been waiting for them, the panoply opened up to provide the gang with shiny stuff (they would never use)

/We have put some smoke for you there, Mr Gonzo!/ On that clue, Mr. Gonzo left his hiding place and opened fire. His last consious thought was, that he couldn't decide wether to be surprised, that he had missed his target or that he had been hit.

Meanwhile, ApeMan and his gang had reached the tohaas hideout. The joyous screaam that ApeMan bellowed when he had kicked in the door and had found the room, full of tasty targets, could be heard in the whole section of the Don Peyote.

Wasting no time on selfprotection, they threw themselves in the meele...

While most of the squad was engaged inside, the Bandit, standing outside, was engaged by a screaming Tohaa. "Funny" the Bandit thought as he hacked the blows of the Tohaa aside and lunged forward, impaling the monkeylike tohaa on his sword. "These tohaa almost look like our ApeMan..."

Inside of the building the floor started to get slick with blood...

In the end, the tohaa lieutnant, cowering in the corner, was the onlyone who survived the onslaught.

*Attention* BaCon warned *Tohaa units approachig!*

It is now or never to end this Tohaa incursion, Luizianna thought.
++Lunokhod! Surround the tohaa on the right flank! Moran! You take the left side! Kill'em all!++


Luizianna coud read the movement of the enemy on her retina screen. They were right behind that large t-shaped building to her right. And little green icons indicated the movement of the Moarn Massai, scutteling through the compounds corridors and on the other side the drones approach.
++On strike when in position! Show them that they are on the wrong ship!++

The remotes heavy flamethrower showered not only the approaching triad in liquid fire, but also the Clipsos, that had been hiding near by...

The Moran only had to peak around the corner and make short work of the remaining tohaa.

And now, she was sitting here again.
In the "bar".
A glass in the one hand, the bottle in the other.
Sharp, icy liquid gruggeling down her throat.
If she kept this pace, she would need to get her liver replaced, once they were back home. Again. And all the money earned on thi trip would land in a hospitals bankaccount. Again.
Well, at least I know what I will be paying for this time..., she thought, pouring herself another glass.

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