Thursday, December 7, 2017

Wotan: End of Days

End of days

Nomads: Hydra  

++Pileus, this is Nomand High Command, come in!++

++ This is the Pileus, how can we help you?++

++ Pileus! The situation at the Blockade will come sooner or later an end. We have processed your request to leave the system as soon as the blockade if lifted and return to the Makrinos System. Your request has been granted, but additional condition to it. We need you to assist our forces at the Commercial Legation and ensure the evacuation of the civil personell.++
++ NHC, we would love to battle who ever is boarding the Legation, but sadly all our active units have been dispatched elsewhere. But we can pick up some passengers, if that is of any help!++
++ Do that, your assigned docking station will be transmitted to you. But where is Captain Argos?++
++Well... that is a question... I sadly can't answer...++

2 Hours earlier...

++Hey Argos, old bud!++

**Ah... Mr. H. What a surprise to see you again so soon...**

++ Listen Argos! The HDI is still on my tracks! And do you remember that Yu Jing Biatch yo put on my heels? Guess what, she is here too. But I tricked them! I am the one who knocks, right? Right?++
**Yeah! Sure! Whatever man! What do you want from me?!**
++Why so serious, man? I am your friend. And I go something for you. I have penetrated the HDIs Coms and guess what! They have some tasty stuff hidden in the Baijing Orbital Consulate... and that is where you Nomads are having a massive party right now anyhow, am I right?++
**So, what „tasty“ things are there?**
++Don't know, don't care. All I could hear was, that they were talking about some very important stuff, hidden in some Coms Antennas. Files, Data all kind of stuff. I was cut off before they could get into details.++
**And you give me this, for free? Just because you are a good person?**
++Well.. it coooould be possible, that there is a record of my buisness hidden along the files. And if that was true, you surely would be a sweety and push the delete button for me... while you were there, right?++

"Oh waow. And what happend then, sweety?" "Well... as it always is. I readied my crew and something went wrong... as always"

**Okay guys'n gals. We are here to do two things: firstly, stay away from that yu jing guns and don't get killed. I don't want to drag any of your sorry arses back home, since we are here under cover. This is in no way official.
Secondly, we need to get to the antennas, marked in your comlog and hack them. I know, there are three, but they are protected, so can only hack two of them. To do so, we split up. The Zeros take the lead, Jester on the right flank, Mr Null on the left. Mr. Nol and his mines make sure, the middle antenna stays clear of all trouble, kay? I will team up with the left flank. Each group gett's Lunokhod. Get as close to the target and then hit hard, but don't take any risks. Keep each others backs and we all get save back home with a nice profit. Ready?**

"The crew was in place... ready to strike.."

When the lookout made an disccovery that was the rain on our parade...

Heisenberg, that Rat had tricked us. No security personell, but battleready Tohaa were awaiting us...

She took care of one of the snipers, as did I

Sadly she took a hit to the head...

Then the deadly dance began. They came at us in three groups... how appropriate for Tohaa...

The right side started, but came to a grinding halt right in front of our guns, unable to reach the antenna.

The Triad in the middle ran up right to the middle antenna, but they didn't reach for it... as if they were waiting for something...

The Lunokhod of my flank reached them quickly and traded her „life“ for theirs...

After that, we saw what the Triad had been waiting for. A TO jumped forward, hacking the antenna...

The Triad on my side ran up as the last, but our trap snapped and we made short work of them...

"And how did it end?" "Well Hon, Mr. Null, standing right next to me, took his shit together, sprinted up to the antenna and injected it with our virus..."

"Jester, on the ther side, had all time in the world to get into the antennas mainframe, but instead he started beating that shitty thing with his head like a mad man... so, no luck there (or better 6 orders...)"

"So, it was a draw then?" "No dumy, I wouldn't sit here, drinking, if it was a draw... Our Docs REM made a real stunt,sprinted up and took the cube of a Tohaa gal. That we sold for big money."

"And what about Heisenberg and his record?" "Someone claimed to have seen him lurking around, but the antenna did prove to be of any use. He either had tricked us or he had been used himself. Anyhow, he really owes me drink for this..."

That's it folks!
I don't know how you feel about it, but I had a great time. I have had (exept for one week) a game each week, have used units, I haven't before, have tried all the new missions (and liked them) and had a great time overall.
Of cause, ghost-batreps and other bullshit has created some saltyness, but eh... in the end we all Hodonged a bit.
See you around, Space Cowboys!

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