Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Infinity is the new eternal

Greetings, everybody!

As some of you might have noticed, I have dissapeared from certain areas of the internet. On the other side, have I emerged at other places. This post shall enlighten those, who have wondered why this is so. Others might be able to identify with my situation or not.... ;)

I had never been as loyal to GW miniatures as GW would have liked me to. The lack of nicely sculpted female model invited me to some adventures across the border of Space Marines and the Grim Dark Future and even today, I can hardly resist when Hasslefree throws the next round of awesomeness into the ring.
Aside from picking up a model here and there (mostly on the SPIEL in Essen every year) I have never ventured further. I had my 40k Universe and lived under the impression, that everything I desired would fit in there.And for most of my tabletop life, this impression was correct. I found the escape from RL in games, campaigne, novels and ofcause the minitures. I joined a "community", took part in shaping that community and took responsibility for all the funny things that could happen there.

Especially over on Warpshadow I found people, that are like me and I have found many friends, who are more than just people that share a common hobby.
The fact, that I worked for GW was probably another reason for my so-long-loyalty. Lots of people from work turned over the years into friends, I don't want to miss and again, these friendships were not only funded on the fact that we enjoy toying around with metal and plastic miniatures.

My happy life in the 41st millenium could have gone forever...
...until I finished my studies, quit my job at GW and was overwhelmed by the tasks a grown-up-life throws at you.

I an instant everything changed. I have never been happy with the politics that work in GW and don't get me started on marketing and how employees are treated. But the more distance I put between me and everythng GW related, the more I didn't like what I saw.

The, out of the blue, Sedition Wars struck like a guilded missle.
I had everything I needed: A boardgame (so I didn't have to play in skull encrusted ruins anymore), a managable amount of models (no more 20+ Units to paint), a cineastic game setting I didn't had to come up by myself (take that "table-quarter-mission") and no more gothic-structures on scifi soldiers (have you seen the flying thing the dark angles sport? Looks like a flying cathedral... in a bad way...) and finally a game, that was playable in the time I could afford for it. Ahhh... plus an awesome little community and great customer services.

And part of my peers, that were willing to try something new. I guess that was the most important part...

Sadly the battle for Alabaster eventually came to an end. And coming up with missions on your own was way more difficult than we had expected. So before our newly found braveness in exploring new universes would subside again, we decided to venture out again and see were the tides would lead us.

Guess what...

But before we come to the obvious, a little something changed aswell. Games Workshop in all its wiseness fired almost all personel, that was standing in a store. The whole support structure, well working teams, friends and social structures torn apart in dubious stroke.
Not nessessary to say, that the doubts I had nutured all those years turned into a big blob of dissapointment, that covered the one thing that could have dragged me back: the new Tyranid codex.
When that was as dissapointing as I had feared, my heart and soul was finally free from the bonds that had tied me to that company.

And what do you do with freedom? Yes, you sell it instantly to the highest bidder :D

In this chase, it was Corvus Belli with Infinity.

I won't start the high praise-song. Let's put it this way: Infinity had to offer everything I had been looking for:
Cineastic scenarios, an ethusiastic community, awesome miniatures, great terrain options and designs, a company policy, that (as far as I can see it) I really like... and my peers, that liked everything above aswell.

Since then, I feel like I am  12 years old again, having my eyes pop out with all the awesome stuff available... but this time, I can afford most of it :D

So, I hope this explains a bit how I am were I am, and where I am not.

And as a visible sign of all this, I added a new section above, that leads you to all the Infinity stuff I am doing.


  1. I am also in love with Infinity. I play almost every other 28mm game out there, but whoever I play with and I have had the most fun playing Infinity. I am happy to see Infinity get more publicity.

  2. I was wondering what ze hydra has been up too! Warpshadow has been pretty quiet these days.