Monday, May 5, 2014

How to: Bases Ark-Style

Greetings Everybody!

I have been asked a few times, how I did the Bases on my Infintiy Miniatures.

First of all, I use the bases from Sedition Wars. They are plain, give lots of details and variation and fit prtty much imho.

I guess the pictures are quite selfexplaining, but here are some thoughts in advance:

1. If you like the orange, grab GWs old Macharius Solar Orange where ever you can find it. Watered down it works wonderfull for rust, since it dries brigter than it looks, has differnt colours and tones and created this random appearance I like in rust. Sadly it is OOP...

2. Sponges: People playing Infinity will have come a cross tons of it and I have collected then ever since. These sponges work best imho, since others are to rough.

3. Vallejo Masking Fluid: First time I have seen someone use that was on these Infintiy Miniatures Step-By-Step thingies provided by Studio Giraldez ( StudioGiraldez ). Trick with this stuff is: Use old brushes, since they will be going down the drain. Use spronges for most of your work. The masking fluid will dry pretty quickly (withing minutes) and you won't be able to wash out your brush. So better use something disposable.
Best thing is to try it on something first to get a nick of things... before ruining one of your favourite brushes, like I did.

What you need:
-your bases
- black and white primer
- Paints. Since I still have lots of GW stuff I am using these, but the should be no reason, why you can what ever is to your liking. Only exception is the macharius solar orange I guess...
So, you need brown and orange tones for the "rust" and what ever you want to cover it up with.
- Sponges
-Vallejo Masking Liquid

Step 1 - Rusting
I primed the bases black and then gave them a dusting of white (means I don't cover every single inch of the base/model in white, but apply the spray so lightly in short bursts, that the lines stay black and the overall appearance is more grey than white)

Step 2
For starters I used a pretty watered down dark brown.

Step 3
With an  big random brush I mix some organe and lighter brown tones into the still wet dark brown. The brush helps to create random structures and swirls in the colour.
Step 4After everything has dried, I mix the Marcharius Solar Organge with lots and lots of water...
...and pour in generoulsy over the bases.
Step 5 - Masking
Prepare your masking stuff. Ofcause you can hold the sponge with your fingers, but I found it quite helpfull to use the pincers as seen on the picture.

 Step 6
Now comes the fun part. Soak up some masking liquid with the sponge. Depending on the size of paint laking you want toachieve, it might be wise to dab some of the liquid of the sponge. otherwise you will have big blobs of liquid on your bases.

Now you lightly dab some liquid on the base. Don't worry about not reaching every corner...

Step 7
... since now you can use an OLD brush to conncet the dots and fill out the deepest places, the sponge can't reach. Remind yurself all the time: what every you paint now, will stay orange. I  always forget that and get a little trigger happy...
Another hint at this point: The thicker the liquid is applyed, the easier you can rub if off afterwards.

Step 8 - Covering
For my bases I use a tourquise in several layers, applyed with a sponge. The reason for the sponge isthe texture it leaves on the even surfaces. I want the paint to be a bit bumpy and texturised. It also goes really fast. If you do this technique on model like tanks or TAGs, you probably want to use a brush or (if you have) an airbrush to apply the coverlayer.

 First with a slight mix of black in it.
Then a little brighter... and brighter...
 Step 9 - Unmasking
Here comes the fun part. I haven't found another technique than to rub with your fingers over the covered areas and the peel the making off...
In the end you will get something like this:
Now a couple of metallics and you are done. The trick with the metallics is to use a rather dark one first and the really slightly pick up the edges with a bright metal.

So. That's it. I really hope you found this usefull of some sort :D

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