Saturday, May 17, 2014

Expectations and other errors

Greetings everybody.
Hyrda has finally reached the actual state of technology. This enables me to share my ramblings, thoughts and other stuff in almost real time.

What has happened? Well, since Feb ( as you might recall, that was pretty much the time when is blog slowly turned to hiatus) I am proud owner of a fairphone.  Well, I don't want to advertise here for electronic goods, but this project seems to be one of the "good" (good as in Superman-good).

Back to topic, expectations. This phone is one good example... I expected... Well something that probably only exists on the Enterprise. But instead it had nicks and nuts and sometimes even refused to work properly.

I could have easily switched back to my old phone or to some other brand. But I overcame my... Frustration and found out, that one of the reasons for several mis-functions were my own fault.

The same happened to me with my Nomads. Yes, I have officially left the path of GW And Warhammerb40k. But that is written on another page yet to be written.
My new passion lies in hackers, drones, skirmish warfare and the reenactment of one of my favourite series ever (Ghost in the shell)... Infinity. I am highly addicted to this game...

My chosen fraction, nomads, can have to really dirty tricks up their sleeves.
And here is the part where I get back to the beginning. I had 2 Gamez in a row today, which both left me pretty frustrated. I have questioned the game, the army... Even the state my models were in ( am I the only one who thinks models tend to die faster if you haven't painted them properly?).

It took some time to realise something... It wasn't any of the above. If I was my bloody fault. And my expectations. On how things should be and how things shouldn't be.

Next time, I should stick to my survival-strategy that has helped navigate through all the Strom's life has thrown at me: look the maelstrom in the eye, don't make and plan and full force, Mr. Jonson.

Thank you, internet for listening to my brainwash.

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