Thursday, January 23, 2014

How To: Walls

Greetings Archivists!

As some of you might have realised, I am not humming and puffing on the new nids.
Long story short... just can't do it right now. No niddy juice.

But I have tons of "Build Stuff for Inifinity-Juice" right now.

The MAS Terrain is absolutly fantastic (aside from some assembly issues I had...) and the Concret Walls they are offering were the first Terrain pices that used those awesome acrylic Ad-Boards, which made me instantly fall in love with that terrain. But more about Ads and the like at another spot.

Playing my first games of Inifinity, I realised, we needed LOTS of terrain, but I am not that rich to afford all the stuff I want to have. So I have to settle for more affordable solutions and today I want to share my approach on "Affordable Walls" with you.

Materials from the (well sorted) Home-Improvement-Store
- unwaxed corktiles (from the floor department) I had 50cm x 50cm x 0,6cm
- the white, hollow plastic pole I have no english word for. I found it in the "metal department" in the Home Improvement Store (again... it was very well sorted) where they had all sorts of different sizes. I chose a 18mm wide.
But you can probably use simply a piece of wood, with the right measurements.
- Filler (best to use, some that stays a little flexible, probably wood filler. I use simple wall filler and got some cracks now :/ )

Things you might have at home:
- Cutter
- metal rules (ideal with some sort of angle)
- PVA-Glue (I used fast curing for maximum speed)
- Superglue
- Rasp or Sandpaper
- Saw

Well, I guess the pictures I took are quite selfexplaining.
I made 2 different lenght: 10cm and 20cm. I was picturing miniatures running along that walls and since 10cm is a quite common  movement in Infinity, I thought that whould fit.
The hights I used:
Wall 7cm high, Pole at the end of the Wall 8cm high.

Step 1
Cut the wall pieces. Since the walls hould stand by their own and should appear solid, I used 2 sheets of one wall. On the picture you can notice that most cork tiles have a rough surface and a smooth one. Make sure you choose always the same on the outsides. I chose the rougher ones, so I got more texture on the outside.

Step 2
Glue.... obvious.
Make sure you don't spoil your pants with the glue coming out everywhere... I did.

Step 3
Saw the poles.

Step 4
Glue the Walls and the Poles together. I used PVA glue. Works sofar.

Use the filler to blend the area where the two tiles are glued together.
I used my finger to mimic the texture.

Step 6 -  You can skip this, if you use wood poles.

Step 7 Et voila!
Creating a little assembly line got me a lot of walls in less than 2 hours.

Next time... Paint on my Walls!

I hope you enjoyed this and found my musings helpfull!


  1. Infinity Juice is the drink of champions. Thank you for the inspiration.

  2. Ich war mal so frei und habe deine Mauern nachgebaut. ;)