Thursday, September 26, 2013

Review Sedition Wars Wave 2 and a "Welcome home"

Grettings, everybody!
As I mentioned the Project "Beloved Castle shit Dragon" reached a state, where my craftsmanship is not needed all the time. So, I can check that of my to do list. That doesn't mean, the house is done. Those of you, living in a house, probably know, that a house is never finished...

The other thing is, that since last Thrusday, I am a fully build and suited teacher. I passed all the exams the crazy german education-system could throw at you. Now I am just hoping to find a job :D
This exam had engulfed everything for the last couple of months. In the end even my sleepingphases. But as Mr.Pink would quote myself: "Sleep is inefficent! Sleep is for the weak!"

But now, I have my "free" time and my sleep back, i can turn back tto the things I love to do.

And the first thing I did was building my Man Cave.
Here some insights:
From left to right:

Table for my gaming table and terrain, Workingspace for painting and sculpting, my "black library" and a small show case.

Centerpiece of my attention: My Masters of the Universe colletion. Sitting at my computer and needing some time out, while preparing and learning for my exam, I roamed the interwebs on search for a lucky shot on ebay. My parents forbid me Masters of the Univers Figures and rumour has it, that this trauma lasts on.
Funnily, when ever the circumstances force me to be uber-"Grown up", I turn to the earlies childhood memory I can recall and that is Skeletor an his friends. Before my last exam, I had 3 Figures.... you can see, I was forced to be "Grown up" quite often lately.


Well, this is probably, why you are reading this.
In the last phase of my exam, my Sedition Wars Wave 2 Parcel arrived. And not to spoil the fun, I just pulled out the cards, marveling at the stats and miniatures.

Now I have come around unpacking them.
And I started with the miniature, that got me hooked up with this game:

I just had to have one of my favourite charcters from one of my favourite movies in her iconic pose. That sold me on Sedition Wars. Well, I got way more, but I was really looking out for this model.

So, natrualy, she was the first, I unbox...

A quick mock up, revealed that the restic used for the casting didn't do the model justice...
But the real "Douh!"-Moment was when I placed her next to the others...
I know, my photoskills are not the best (as is my camera), but you can already see the size difference. It looks like as if she was washed to hot and shrunk. I know that the restic melts details like noses and so on, but whole miniatures?

I have the feeling, that I know where the problem is, I am having and that is no with the McVeys, partly with the restic and mostly with the sculptor of the extra models. When you compare the others like the firefl... ehm calamity crew you see them having the same size issues.

I totaly understand that the McVeys where overwhelmed by the success the Kickstarter was and that they had to out-source sculptings.
And I don't want to criticise the skills or the talent the sculptor has.
IMHO he did just one mistake and missed the scale, which resulted in unclean casts, close to breaking-thin legs and washed away details.

If they would re-do them, I would buy them immediatly.

So, what do we do now?

We could start screaming and crying like a small child, waving angry fists at people who are not really guilty or at the universe...
 But that would help noone.

I tell you, what I will do: I will make other companies rich. There are quite a lot count as models out there, that can replace the shrunk ones.
Hasslefree has quite a lot to offer. I have found replacemnets for Hexen, River, Battledamage Asoka and others. Heresy Miniatures has a quite nice looking Riddic, Bombshell has a almost match for Jade and so on.

The great thing is, Wave 2 provided ALL the cards! Yes, even for the characters you didn't order.
In my book that makes up for a lot. Thisway I can play with all of them and they are not "lost" to me.

I hope this was some light at the end of the tunnel for you...
If you find more good "count as" please let me know.

Until then.

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  1. Hrm. I don't think ripley looks TOO bad, but I can see what you mean about the almost-breaking legs :P

    Did you actually buy the firefly crew? I'm eager to see those models, too, if you've got them.

    Also, I feel like you should in some way submit your sculpting resume to McVey so that you can make sure the next waves of models are not as shittily sculpted ;)

    Frak, man. You remind me that I always mean to take a photo of my mancave, but I never do :( Most of all, I wish I'd taken a photo of my man attic when living at the British Norn's parents' place.

    Well, no more! Your post has inspired me to take a photo of my current cave, which means I've also been inspired to CLEAN my current cave/desk up a bit so you can actually see it. thank you for the inspiration, and photos will be coming soon. It would be unfortunate to not share the way that the Bobbit from Moloch looms large over everything!