Friday, September 13, 2013

Games Day Afterthought and the Look ahead

Picture Taken from Massive Voodoo                                               oh, look, it is me :D

One of the main aspects on Games Days, if you ask me, is meeting friends.
And to remember that, pictures are taken.

Harald from Warpshadow and my other forums has kindly shared his pictures of us meeting the night before the Event.

It is always a blast with this guy!

The obligatoric greeting that goes out to all Warpshadow Members
Just in case: The fingers are ment to be Lictor tentacles!
Funny to see the other perspective...
Glen (the guy on the left) was "new" this year.
The White Dwarf Team realised what a great opportunity the Games Day is to make pictures of the most fantastic models ever seen. So he jumped all over the place klicking away like a maniac with his camera.
It got a little confusing from time to time, we managed to get everyone happy.

Today, something really cool happened.

A WAVE hit.

The Second Wae of Sedition Wars: Battle for Alabaster hit my postbox.
Expect a detailed review on the new stuff soon!

P.S.: If you haven't seen or read it yet, Jarhead has posted is thoughts on his Slayer Sword winning entrie!
Fast , hurry over to MAssive Voodoo! ---------------------------------------------------------------->

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