Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Archive Golden Demon Update2

Greetings Archivists!

Back we are...
So... where have we left off... oh yeah, the Wip shots.

Shall we go into a few details?

I had all that process posted on Warpshadow and the guys there were great. Ideas all over the place.

The first thing that dawned on me was, that the canon looked awkward the way it was.

 So I had it replaced with this:

I tried to achieve a Mixture of the Epic-Dominatrix and the Sketch. And one thing I always loved about the Epic monster was the symbiont on its back

Fluffwise, we decided that there should be HiveTyrant sitting there, so I tooka hivetyrant head for my Dom.

And here is a small size comparision (by that time I had added the other hierodule to my collection aswell):
The Base
Since Tyranids are raw biomass and my paintscheme is a rather cold toned one, I wanted a contrast to both aspects on the base. So I settled for some mechanicus world theme, with lots of tech stuff and a victim  to add more "terror".
The victim should be ensnarled by one of the caspule-canon-seed pods. Imho the tyranid weaponry is one of the most disgusting things about nids. Sadly noone sees it, when a Warrior fires his Deathspitter. I wanted to give this creepyness some visualisation.

Early stage and mock up:
With the final touch ups:

I had all this done...
And let it rest. I didn't touch the whole project for about a year.
But then, an unexpected opportunity came up.
The loved by all Mr.Pink approached me on the forum and asked me, if I would be willing to ship a project I had been working on that time to Toronto for a Games Day table.Since the piece was pretty big, I figured, it would be a financial nightmare to ship that to Toronto and back.
So I booked a plane ticket for me and my minatures to fly over for the weekend. People called me insane... but hell, what do they know?

Suddenly an idea occured. As a german employee for GW-Germany it was forbidden to participate in the German-Golden Demon. But not in the Canadian!

Since I had the Dom already build, I decided to make the most of the trip and create two more entries (which I will show you later).
I painted the Dom in three days and went off.
How the weekend was and what happend there, I will tell you the next time I show you the other entries.
For now, let me say, my Dom took Bronze and I was proud as anyone can be.

Here are some shots
Check out here to be directed to more pictures.

See you next time :D

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