Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Archive Golden Demon Update1

Greetings Archivists!

Long time no see, but finally the socalled Real Life is back. But it gets wierd when you think about your hobby life as the Real Life, don't you think?

Well, my "normal" life as you might call it has become a little less stressed out today, since I had a quite important exam at work today and I passed it quite well. But enough of this jibberjabber.

Today I want to take you on a little time-travell into my personal past. And as every good time-travell, we should start where the story begins...
In the beginnging there was god... and... well... that's another story...

Around the year 2000 a little guy decided (or better was convinced by his fellows) that his hobby skills should be enough to win him a Golden Demon. This little guy was not using Greenstuff at this time (Way to fancy) but toiletpaper as cloth on this models.

So he set to work and made, what he and his friends thought, the best models in the world.
Sadly the jury didn't agree.

He tried year after year, again and again, suffering from the "looser" feeling, everytime he didn't made it.

Now is the point where we leap a certain amount of time forward...

The little guy had turnded into a full grown GW-Employee (part-timer... ehem... so, technically a "scout" and not a "Space Marine") and that not due to his selling-skills or his good looks, but due to his hobby knowledge and sculpting and painting possession. At that time, the "new" nid where released and your red-shirt headed down the path of hobby-gloryness... his studies left behind, knee deep in miniatures.

In quite a short time he possessed everything a nid player could have at that time... except for one of the most astonishing models ever made... the FORGE WORLD SCYTHED HIERODULE!

Nowadays it looks more like a retarded chicken, but back in the days, it was everything the little red-shirt could dream about. Shortly after he had bought the first one (and assembled and painted in no time) a second one was offered to him.

And here the story gets interessting (you could have skipped the first part and started right here...)
Back in those days I was all over the place on Warpshadow.com (go there, right after you have read this article! :D) and one of the things I had seen there stuck in my mind...

A member had drawn this sketch:
A dominatrix. The biggest, meanest and most synapse beast to roam a planet.
Don't be mistaken, I am not kidding you, but this beast appeared in my dreams and I knew what to do with my spare hierodule.

Luckily I took lots of pictures those days.
It was a sacrilege to cut a FW-Model apart those days, and not few people called me insane... which drove me even more to prove them wrong. So I spend about 3 weeks working all day on the DOM.

Here is the stuff I started with:

Some Greenstuff various bits and lots of sweat and time later

Some changes later:

Here goes the RL again.... will finish this tomorrow.

Next Up: The Base and Painting


  1. "one of the most astonishing models ever made... the FORGE WORLD SCYTHED HIERODULE!

    Nowadays it looks more like a retarded chicken, but back in the days.."

    No. I'm sorry. Brother Pink will kill me for using this word, but it ALWAYS looked like a retarded chicken! We just tried to trick ourselves into thinking it didn't so that we could FINALLY have a bio-titan.

    I still think you were insane to cut up that model, but you really started something, and for that I thank you!

  2. I've always thought the Hierodule looks more like a particularly vicious (and under-fed) duck. That said, Hydra, I think the work you did on that model really inspired dozens of imitators - That's pretty sincere flattery from a lot of modellers.