Thursday, March 1, 2018

How to make Token for Infinity


Welcome back to another small tutorial.

As most of you know, Infinity is not just a game with miniatures, but also with token.
Lots of token.
You take a wound... Token.
You are hacked... Token.
You are buffed by a friendly hacker nearby... Token.

Of cause you can buy almost all of these token. Or you cut out the token, provided with the Infinity Boxes.

Here, I want to show ou, how I make my "own" Token and provide you with some graphics for Tokens, you probably don't have already...


I use the following:
- plain bases (since my Infinity models all stand on resin bases, I have loads of spare ones)
- PVA-Glue & a brush
- Sandpaper
- Scissors
- Print out of your tokens

Step 1

Let's start with the last thing on our material list. The print out. The awesome tool of the Infinity Marker Sheet Creator provides you basically with all the graphics you need. Just click together what you want and turn it in to a PDF.

I prefer to print on thick paper with a Laser Printer (at work). This way the print outs are relly sturdy and crisp. If you don't have access to a Laser Printer, set your deskjet to highest resolution and print on the paper you have available. I would recommend then, to give the print a coat of gloss varnish spray to protect the print.

 Another thing to consider is the size of the graphics on the print out. On the Marker Creator, I use the 20mm setting. When I have the single files and create a sheet with my writing programm, I use a width of 22mm. Most bases are slimmer on the top, than they are on the base, so, if you print out exactly 25mm, you will have your print out overlappig the edges.

Step 2

So, you have the prints? Fine. Here comes the fun part: Cutting the graphics out. I found scissors to work rather well, but you can also use a knife. Some people use paper punch outs, but I haven't found a 22mm one, so...

Step 3

Most of the work is done. Now take you bases and the sand paper and give them a slight scrub off on the surface you want to glue your prints on. This will give the glue a bigger surface to stick to.

Step 4

Now  cover the base with slightly watered down PVA-Glue. Make sure the glue is spread equally or you will get waves in the print out.
Apply the print out. Let it dry. Finished.

MetaChemistry BONUS TIME!

In my recent games I have used loads of Morlocks. But after the first few games, I have come to realise, that I almost always had forgotten to either roll for their MetaChemistry bonus or had plainly forgotteen to aply their effect in game. To help my memory a bit, I made a set of these tokens.

I created the graphics, using the pngs provided by .

A single set is enough, If you roll several times the same result, just place one marker, it will remind you that there is someone else with the same benefit. Atleast that worked for me.

Here you can see my marker set.

And these are the graphics. Again, the best size to print them is 22mm.

And if you want to use the token for MetaChemistry Lvl2 you can place two of them next to your models... except for the enhanced movement toke. For this you need a token of the the following image:

Until next time!

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