Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Report Status


Victory Conditions:
Players get 1 OP for every model that has reportet the status on the console(OM).
When a trooper with the skills Lieutenant or Executive Order attempts to report, the player may reveal the skill and receive 2 OP instead of 1 if the trooper succeeds in reporting the status.

The maximum number of OPs to be scored by reporting the status is 6.

+1 OP is scored for having reported more often than the opponent.

 ++Well folks. Here we are. We need to find a way to get in contact with the HQ and tell them, what we found down there!++

\\Alright, we will have that in a minute. Let me hack into the local sphere and find a save way to get in contact.\\
 \\There! I got an access point. North of us on the market. The ATM next to the designated food stall has a weakpoint in its firmware. We can use that to reach out to HQ.\\

"Very good! But is that the only way? That place looks a bit... in the open..."

 \\Ha! There! Another one! North east of us, in that buildi... oh. he he... check this out...\\
]] I take that console! You guys can take the other one!]]

 [Intermission] Playing out side isn't only good for taking photos, it is an awesome experience!

 ]]Folks! I am in position!]]

 ++Yeah, I can see that!++


//We get company!//
``How can they have made it out of that lab?``

 //Don't know, but here do more come.
  And they are closing in and they are doing that fast!//
 //We need to hurry, I have a biiig boggey on my dreydisk!//

 ]]I am in. Managed to reach HQ, but we need to buff the data stream! Get connected or the upload will collapse!]]
 "Easier said than done!! We are taking fire!"
\\And the NODs get closer to the second console!\\

[[And we are out. The have not only interruped our upload! They have something going on themselves![[

 "Here comes the big gun. Stay put and... argh..  kccccchh"

-Excellent! The Messia will be pleased with the results! Eh eh eh eh...-


NOD wins!  They managed to up load all the data from the tiberium testrun and the human sphere would tremble, if they knew what Khaine is able to do with those results...

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