Sunday, March 13, 2016

Silas Ark Bases

Greetings everybody!

Today I have a shorty for you.

When I left the grim dark skull-encrusted future, I also left the sand-glued-on bases basings. Not that there is anything wrong with them, but I felt the change should be also seen on the ground. In addittion to that, I left 40k for Sedition Wars, which was coming with loads of beautifull pre-done bases. SInce I didn't stop with on set of the game, but several, I had plenty miniatures I didn't actaully need for the game and plenty of left over bases.

So, when I switched to Infinity, I didn't had to worry about cool base design, I already owned loads of them. But even the biggest depots come eventually to an end and so did my SW bases. 
There fore I have started to look for alternatives and one of them I want to show you today.
This shall not be a review, so, no tentacles today, but I hope to give you a little insight on this product.

I am talking about the Warsenal Tunguska Bases
  Since I haven't found any unpainted pictures of the bases, I was really excited to learn on how theres are going to work.

And I was quite surprised to find this:
On the one side, you have the bottom plate, including a neat Idea, I will show you later. The other side is textured.

To give you a better idea on how they are, I have put them next to a standard base from CB, a base from Sedition Wars and a Lazaretto Base from Antenocities Workshop , bases, I have already used. I really like them, but they don't give much of variation.
As you can see, the clue with the Tunguska bases is, they have pretty much half the height of a normal base. So when you glue the two parts together, you get the height of a normal base.

And here we have the only problem I am having with the bases...
Even with sanding, it is close to impossible to get the glue line gone, without using putty. I have applyied super glue gel richly and tried to cover up the gap with that a bit, but it still stands out pretty much.

I decided to accept this minor nack, since you get quite a lot for it. As you can see the details don't stand out that much as they do on the other bases. On the other hand, the texture suggests that more of a space ship feeling anyhow, where flat surfaces are to be expected. Another bonus is, that you get 10 different designs. I was expecting that they had made 5 designs and sold them just twice, but, no sir... 10 individual bases.
The hole in the bottom layer of the base... perfect for the 3mm magnets I am using. Surely there are magnets out there that fit completly. But I am happy with what I have here :)

So, now the real test was on: Would the lasered in lines would disappear under to much paint?
As with my other bases, they got a coat of brown from the can.
And, tadaaa, the lines are still there. If you were going for a clean look, you could add some highlight, pick out the details and would be good to go.

As I have shown elsewhere already, I apply a mix of watered down orange and orange pigments...
soak them in that mix...
apply some liquid mask with a sponge...
add the blue I am using (the three on the left side) and rub away the mask (on the right side)
...and get some bases that only need some details and are good to go.

Put aside with other bases, you hardly see the difference.
All in all I have to say they blend in really well with the others, as you can see here:

See you next time!

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  1. Awsome review those base looks great! Kudos! cheers from Venezuela!