Wednesday, September 3, 2014


Greetings everybody!
Yesterday I had the best day in the year (next to chrismas, birthday and soon-to-be-weddingday).
It was

Bring-your-Man-E-Faces-to-work-Day (check the out on Facebook)

Last year, I sneaked in a classroom and took some pictures in all secrecy.

This year, I am a fully grown teacher.
That means, I don't have to hide my passion for MotU anymore.

There fore I not only took Man-E to work, but I had a long intense chat with my students about toys we love, and why, what they stand for and all that other emotional stuff attached to childhood memories.
After that Man-E stood as a model for my students. Here are some results of one hour work (I have to admit that I am pretty proud...)

See you next year!

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