Thursday, November 14, 2013

The Cabinet of Doom WIP


I promised you fresh stuff from my on going sedition wars quest.

Instead I bring you something else.

You might remember, that I have moved this summer (announcment: Soon I will do a little article about mancaves). With this I have risen to a new dimension of selfawareness.
I found the Home-Improver in me, the Tim Taylor of Tool Time...
I feel like Tim, look probably more like Alan
All this was fueld, when I found a second-hand furniture store close by.
Long story short, being short on money, wanting a show-cabinet for my minitures and being inspired by the "Shabby-Chique"-Stuff my Nornqueen likes somuch I bought the following for an apple and an egg.

To give the cabinet a new paintjob, I removed the glass with my newly found skills...
I gave everything a coat of white laquer...
After that I used green acrylic paint. It was quite hard to get the paint covering up the laquer, but since I wanted to remove that paint layer, it wasn't to bad. I used a sponge and not a brush, avoiding the brush-strokes.

I mixed some brown pgments into the acryl paint to tone down the quite bright green.

After everything had dried, I took a variety of sanding papers to get the "used" look.
Since I have some nice metallic barock-application and the whole thing wasn't "Dark future" enough, I decided that I should hone my skills in barock design.
So I searched for some Input...
and started sculpting

As soon as I have painted the barock application, I will glue it onto the door and provide you with some more shots.

What do you think about customising furniture?


  1. Amazing mate, the filigree is inspired! It will be a display cabinet to be jealous of!

  2. Thanks! I am glad it is to your liking :) I am really excited about painting the sculpt and placing it on the door... :D

  3. I am also a fan of that shabby chic stuff - my nornqueen and I are paling a creative blog to show some of our stuff. That Barock tyranid sculpt is so cool. Did you use an original Hierophant head curb in halve or did you do a replica for that?

  4. Thanks :) glad you like it :)
    About the head... you can take a guess ;)