Monday, June 24, 2013

News Splash!


Yes, my life is still full of dust, sweat and tears. And the home improvement I am currently understaking isn't better. My work load is reaching a critical volume and I am about to drop dead as a stone.

But soon it will be over. Tuesday is, hopefully, for the forseable futur the last "exam" I am having (until september) and I am still working on my papers. A close last call for everything.

And now I did something great. Or stupid. Take it as you want.

I did a shot on Ebay and soon HORDAK and CLAWFUL will join my ranks of nostalgic NECA-Goodness. And all that for a price.... I can tell you. Cheaper than you pay for a a single of them.

And since I know that my nornqueen is going to kill me, I have to tell someone. So here it is. Be happy for me!

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