Thursday, January 24, 2019

How to Fire Pit

Greetings everybody!

As you might have seen, I have recently started to venture into the frozen city of Felstad, playing Frostgrave with my good, old pal M. The board we play on, belongs to M and therefore I only can come up with good suggestions of what might look cool on the board.
A few weeks ago, M the great idea of using an LED-Tea Candle to build a glowing mystical crystal, as you can see here:
I really liked the idea and suggested to make some fire pits, to bring more light in his dungeon.
He then told me in depth, how long it would take to do something like that and I picked up the challenge.
The task is clear: a cheap, quick and easy way to build a fire pit from a LED tea candle...

Thursday, January 17, 2019

Frostgrave: Prelude II

Greetings everbody,
after the recent article depicted Skeletors way into the frozen city, I want to share with you the story of his adversary, Lady Yennefer and her Quest in Felstad.

As always, more after the jump.

Thursday, November 22, 2018

Frostgrave: Prelude

Greetings fellow hobbists!
It has been quite here for while, which was partly due to no content that was produced, but now, I am back on track, sort of.
A year ago, my lovely wife gifted me a set of Masters of the Universe Miniatures form Quest Miniatures. Although I love MotU, I had no reason to get paint on them until a friend asked me to play Frostgrave with him. Since Frostgrave offeres games to use what ever they like for the game, I saw the chance to finally get Skeletor aand his gang finished and put to good use. But the quest was: How did Skeletor leave the wonderful planet of Eternia and end up in Felstad, the place Frostgrave plays in?

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Thursday, May 10, 2018

How to Toy Cars

Greetings everybody!

As many others I have come while building a city table to eventual problem of empty roads and loooong firelanes there.

In this article I am to show you how to implement toy cars into your tabletop city.

Thursday, May 3, 2018

How to Quickly Paint Terrain with Spraycans

Greetings everyone!

And welcome back to another "How To".

Last weekend I have attended to the Starlord's Mixtape Vol.1-Tournament,
and since I am somewhat part of this group, ofcasue I bought some of my tables with me. Going into revision with your old terrain can be fun... or a challeng to bring them up to date.

This article shall shine some light on me repainting my MicroArtStudio Buildings, which have been in my Infninty Collection since the very first day.

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Infinity Posters and Ads

Greetings Everybody!

After my Photobucket went down, I started relocating stuff.
And while I updated my blogs posts, I realised, that I didn't place all the posters and Infinity Ads somewhere new.
Since I have seen some of them reappear on other peoples boards, I figure, someone finds this usefull.

So, here my ongoingly to be updated collection of Infinity Stuff I have made over the years.

Basically I do the same thing over and over aagain. I find someones picture online, think it would work great as an Ad with some additions, jiggle around with it on Paint.Net and viola...

Update 13.03.2018

Candy Double Show Poster added

Thursday, March 1, 2018

How to make Token for Infinity


Welcome back to another small tutorial.

As most of you know, Infinity is not just a game with miniatures, but also with token.
Lots of token.
You take a wound... Token.
You are hacked... Token.
You are buffed by a friendly hacker nearby... Token.

Of cause you can buy almost all of these token. Or you cut out the token, provided with the Infinity Boxes.

Here, I want to show ou, how I make my "own" Token and provide you with some graphics for Tokens, you probably don't have already...